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101 Ways to Tell the World to Kiss your Ass

The idea of this book, 101 Ways to Tell the World to Kiss Your Ass was conceived while living up on East Lake, in Newberry National Monument.  This is a piece of property that is 157 acres in the National Monument, right on East Lake that my two brothers, Jeff and Steve are part owners of.

Available in mid January

I spent 2 1/2 years living in the small cabin on the property I had remodeled and my 1st tipi thru 2 winters.  There was 10 feet of snow the 1st winter and 8 feet of snow the 2nd winter.  I would snowshoe and snow mobile in and out the 14 mile round trip.

I felt more free and happier up there probably than I ever have at any point in my life until up till then.  Hence, I wanted to figure out away to learn from all of the mistakes and wrong choices I had made over the years, that if I would have make the right choices early on in life I would have been freer a lot sooner.  

Everyone of the "101 Ways" is a way to "Get Free" sooner than later.

For example:


If you smoke you are stupid. Nothing in this book or any other book; nothing you hear or see; nothing anybody says is going to help you get smart and quit smoking.

No other product used by mankind kills 20 to 25% of the users of the product.

Quitting smoking for some people is impossible.  I get that. 

Quitting smoking for some people is easy.  They just quit and get healthy.

Smoking for some people is not addiction but a learned bad habit.  They don’t smoke that often or that much.  It is a “stress reliever” for them. 

I quit smoking at 51 one year after I quit drinking.   Quitting smoking did more for my health than quitting drinking.  By quitting both I am sure it has saved my life.

Here is what I miss about smoking.  Nothing.