4-17 FRI TO 4-26 SUN


4-17 FRI TO 4-26 SUN

4-17 FRI…..First day I have felt better all day. Went out in the kayak for the 1st time for about 4 hours early this morning, as you can see the pictures are beautiful. It will take me several trips out to find a spot on one of the Islands to camp for a night or two or I might have to go up or down the coast. Notice the rocks in front of the kayak, to balance the boat out, makes a huge difference in the waves.

Tito took me to Wal Mart which is about 14 miles away, but believe it or not takes almost 50 minutes to get there. Big mall, with almost every kind of store imaginable. I had a list of things I wanted to get for the kayak, make things safer and of course every single thing I bought I have 2 or 3 of back in the Class B or the tool van or in Cam’s garage with the camping/kayaking/rafting gear.

We left about 5:00 and didn’t get back until about 8:00 which is right at my bed time.

4-18 SAT….2nd Day out with the Kayak. Windy this morning much more so than yesterday morning. I kayaked for about 4 hours.

4-19 SUN……Went for a long walk this morning. Spent the afternoon at the pool, which is not difficult for me to do. Walked down town and got a few things. Just about out of groceries, come Tuesday it will be a full 2 weeks since Tito took me to town, got the bank account open, PO Box and bought groceries at a good size grocery store. Perhaps Wens he will be making a t rip to town and can get to the grocery store.

4-20 MON….A very quiet day to day. Between the kayak on Saturday, the walk on Sunday and still cooperating from the infection in my chest, I was worn out today. Spent only about 3 hours at the pool, read a little bit, just relaxed. I plan on a good kayak early in the morning. Will take a chair I bought along with a book and go out on one of the islands and spend the day.

4-21 TUES….I am up early, almost every day. . This morning I was up early and went out at about 7 and got on the water in the kayak. I spent a couple of hours on an Island sitting in the chair watching the waves and the birds. Then headed up North and didn’t get back, paddling along the docks of La Parguera until 1:00. The wind came up again and I had to paddle against the wind and it wore me out. Plus I got sunburned on my legs for the 1st time, in spite of having plenty of sun since being here. I did put on some sun block, but evidently not enough. I will go to bed early tonight.

4-22 WENS….Tito offered this morning to take me to town. It has been since last Thursday when we went to Wal Mart. And it has been exactly 2 weeks since going to the grocery store and stocking up for the 1st time. I have walked down town and bought a few things, but can’t get near what I need for 2 weeks at that little grocery store. I appreciate him doing this for me. He enjoys it, likes someone to talk to, even though he is on his phone all the time, going and coming all the time. I also wanted to check the PO Box to see if the “new” debit card had shown up from the new bank account.

No card at the PO Box. Got groceries, things are just about 20% more expensive here, it will cost me $600 a month for food, but I eat well, always have. I don’t go out and eat at all. I didn’t do much today, worn out from the kayaking yesterday. Plus I needed to stay out of the sun. No reason to get in a hurry anyway, I am trying to just get in the “retired”, “Caribbean” rhythm. It is not easy for me to do, regardless if I am getting and feeling older. But for right now if I am going to “have” to do it, this is as good as place as any.

4-23 THURS…..Another long kayak trip today. I went down the shore line, through the Mangroves towards Rincon. I found a couple of small beaches that are along the shore line that will be perfect to go spend a night on. Might go Saturday afternoon and return about noon Sunday.

4-24 FRI….Another day I didn’t do much. I did however go down to a little laundromat that is in an RV park down around the corner and washed my clothes, what few there were for the 1st time. I need to realize I don’t have to be doing something all the time. But this isn’t going to be that easy on me. Sometimes I wish I could find another Superintending job just so I could stay busy, but that isn’t going to happen. Nobody wants an old man around, I am finding that out.

4-25 SAT….I got up early again, well before 5 and went for a long walk. I walk down the shore line, through a little park right on the beach, a trail heads up and over the hill along the shore line, and to the little fishing village where that first house was I found on line. I walk through town, then back to the main road into La Parguera and then up the hill back to the apartment. It is about 4/5 miles at least. Then I had a good breakfast, one egg, one hash brown, one Italian sausage, cold juice and toast with Jam. Then went down and kayaked for a good 3 hours. Had a light lunch and then went down to the pool for a couple of hours. Sounds rough don’t it, but not easy to just do nothing/not be productive, but I guess that is what being retired is supposed to be all about. Lot of people have it a lot rougher than I do, that is for sure.

I have started reading again, the books that Jenna gave me are a variety of subjects, but so far all but one are readable to me. It gets dark fairly early, one would think it would be up wards of 10:00 but that is not so. It is dark by 7:30/8:00 and that seems to be the time I go to bed, and lately I have been falling asleep fairly soon.

4-26 SUN….Went for a hike up to the top of a hill here in back of the apartment building. There is an abandoned house up on top that at one time was quite nice. Walked down town and got a few things from the grocery story. Said hi to Shane (guy I got the kayak from) and another guy who are always sitting in the bar drinking beer. Came home and read awhile.

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