7-27 SUN…… Got up early and started driving before the sun came up. Hot, probably close to 95 degrees. Went South of Boise, ID thru the Birds of Prey area along the Snake just to get an idea of what I was going to be faced with. It is a lot of open, long slow water, but the Kayak will handle it well. Got to within 2 hours of Jackson Hole, WY and spent the night in camp ground along the Snake River. Picked up a hitch hiker who finally plugged some holes for me about the Snake River. The river is known as the Snake River in Wyoming, thru the park. Once it hits Palisades Reservoir and exits the dam it is known as the South Fork of the Snake River. Until it meets up with the Henry’s Fork River in Menan I think it is, then it becomes the Snake River again. There are/is no S. Fork, N. Fork, Middle Fork, just the Snake River. Also the Henry use to be the North Fork of the Salmon until they changed the name to Henry’s Fork. A lot of people must have thought a lot of Henry. Went for a walk and saw a cow moose with her baby on an Island and when I got back to the Van the “Papa” was standing next to my van and wouldn’t let me near it for a good half an hour.

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