MAY 31 TUESDAY DAY 37 ON THE WATER – Last night was another unenjoyable night. Thunderstorms again and the tent wasn’t in the best spot. I did manage to get to sleep with the wind howling, lightning and thunder and lots of rain. It is starting to wear on me.

Once up as the sun was coming up it didn’t take long to get moving. The wind was to my back blowing down river so that helped.

The bald eagles are numerous along this section. But the beavers, deer, water fowl and wildlife appear to be missing. No tracks on the bank, it is quite obvious.ymm-7-3-2

I made good time and stopped about 5. I am hoping for a quiet night. I should make it to Gavin point Dam by 5 tomorrow.

This is Tuesday nights camp spot. I am hoping I am not to exposed, kind of in a hole.ymm-7-3-3

The wind didn’t blow at all so things worked out good.


I seem to be getting consistent on my waking up and getting with it. The wind was blowing down river and my immediate goal was to go about 3 miles and stop at a little town called Niobrara and get a few things and have some breakfast. I am completely out of everything and I want to make sure I have water and something to eat just in case I don’t make it to the marina and have to stay on the bank one more night.ymm-7-3-4

I have read where this stretch of the river is pretty much just like it was when Lewis and Clark came down the river on their way back to St Louis

I had no trouble getting down to where the lake opens up. It seemed like it took forever.ymm-7-3-5

The Lime Stone cliffs are magnificent thru here on Lewis and Clark lake.ymm-7-3-6

I had to cross the lake because the wind was blowing out of the north hard and I was on the south side. It was beating the hell out of me.

What should have been a 1 hour paddle turned in to 3. It once again really wore me out.

Once again the cliffs are majestic.ymm-7-3-7

I arrived at the dam/Lewis and Clark Marina about 7. The guy in the marina told me the Manager would help me in the morning. I went around to the beach area next to the bath house. Got a shower and shaved. Went to the restaurant and had a steak, baked potato and Caesar salad. I put my tent up about dark behind a bushy tree so the Park Rangers couldn’t see me and had a pretty good night’s sleep.


Once again up early and back to the marina by 7. The manager was there and asked if I was the kayaker. I said yes I am. He says good, I will take you wherever you want to go. He took me to the boat dock right down town Yankton which made my day easy.

I went thru all my gear. Washed my clothes. Got a haircut. Got my sleeping bag dry cleaned. Called a taxi and went to Walt Mart and got what I needed. Mailed another box of stuff not using to Cam’s. Repacked the kayak and have it ready for in the morning. I will wait for it to get dark, put my tent up behind a tree and should be good to go by 7 in the morning. I am excited to continue the trip because now I am in the current for the next 1500 miles.

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