WENS 8-13…. Woke up to lots of coyotes howling. Went for a walk, topped the boat off with air, so it was solid on the trailer, hdied up the B and headed to Walter’s Landing. Here at Walter’s Landing I cooked pancakes, had an egg, orange juice and have decided to take the day off. It is raining, and will from the looks of things off and on. I was wet yesterday, but dried out quickly. It is not the rain because it is warm enough, but my butt, my arms and I am tired, so a day of rest won’t hurt. I will run down to Marshing, where I can replenish grocers and a few things, then come back here for the afternoon, get the kayak ready tonight, hed it up then head to Marshing 1st thing in the AM and I should/won’t have any trouble gegng a ride back. The next 3 or 4 sections I believe I am going to do in one day trips, even if they are long days. Easier to get a ride back. More cities/congestion which will make it harder to get a ride. I believe I can do this easily and efficiently unhl I get to Weiser and then will go all the way to Brownlee Dam in a couple of days paddling. Then it will be Oxbow in a day. Then finish Hell’s Canyon Reservoir in a day and then it is around to Hell’s Canyon.

Posted by: Dave Scott on Category: Snake River