THURS 8-14………
snakeriver8-14Headed to Marsing about 7AM. Got to the boat ramp in less than an hour, parked and walked thru town to get up to the other end where I could miss what town traffic there was. Immediately got a ride from a rancher who was headed up into the Silver Peak area to deliver a load of Rams to his Ewes. His family runs about 3,500 head of sheep and 2,500 head of cattle. He was also going to try to find and shoot two large black bears that had been killing his sheep and beating the hell out of his sheep dogs. Very nice guy, took me right to the kayak, he was going right by there. Side note, a cousin of his, an investment banker just bought a huge ranch just up out of Mitchell for $22M.sr2

I figured I would get back to Marsing probably around 3 in the afternoon, actually it was 2:45. Went up and got a pizza and got on the computer. Then went and got some ice and went back to the park where the boat landing was. Relaxed all afternoon. Got the kayak ready and tied it up at the dock. About 7 decided to go ahead and drive on down to Nyssa, I knew where the boat ramp was and knew I could spend the night there. Only takes about an hour or so to drive it. Police patrol thru here often so spoke to them and asked them to keep an eye on my rig and trailer and went to bed.

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