sr3FRI 8-15….. Got up early as usual, covered the boat and walked across the bridge to start hitch hiking back to Marsing. Immediately got a ride with a guy headed to Boise to go to court for his daughter as a witness. Once to the junction that headed to Marsing, I did have to wait a while, longer than usual before I got the next ride. Nice guy who owns a huge ranch there, a dairy in Adrian and a 1,000 acre hay ranch in N. Nevada stopped and gave me a ride. Very nice guy. We talked a lot in such a short period of time. He owns a nice Beaver Coach and goes to Bend to have it serviced. He knows the Owyhee well and probably so far other than the lady that gave me a ride out of Alpine, he is one of the nicest people I have met. Next ride and last ride was a guy who I filled up his gas tank and he went ahead and took me all the way to the kayak. He didn’t have anything else to do I guess.sr4
It is always nice to get back on the water. Doing the kayaking and floating is not he the most challenging part of this trip. It is obviously getting from point A where the kayak is, to B where I leave the rig, then back to A. Long day to be sure. I thought late in the afternoon I night make it back to Nyssa in one day, but not possible. The river goes a lot further south down around Adrian than one thinks it does just looking at the map.
I stopped about 6, set the tent up and started to read a book I had with me about homesteading in an around Glacier Park in the early 1920’s. Had Beef Stroganoff with tuna fish for dinner, glass of cold chocolate milk and went to be just before it got dark.

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