sr5SAT 8-16…. Waited till the sun came up to get up. No question I was as tired last night as I have ever been so far on the trip. I figure I have about 4 hours to get to the boat ramp in Nyssa. I had a banana, protein bar and orange juice for breakfast.
One thing that I have noticed for quite some time now. There is nobody on the river. No fisherman. No boaters or wave runner riders, nobody canoeing or kayaking. Also nobody outside at the houses. I do hear the farmers or the workers above out in the fields up off the river but that is all. Very few migratory birds, a few deer, did see a couple coyotes this morning. Strange in my opinion. Just no activity of any kind. I find that odd.
Got to the boat ramp at 11. Fixed a good breakfast of hash browns, two eggs, fried summer sausage, a couple of warmed up flour tortillas and orange juice. I keep every now and then having to blow up one of the sections of the raft, it must have a minor, slow leak. I am going to just take it easy the rest of the day, get ice, get the kayak ready to do the section from Nyssa down to Ontario then on to Weiser. I think I will just go ahead and kayak on down to Ontario, tie up and then hitch hike back a short distance to get the van. Drive the van on down to Weiser and then hitch hike back to Ontario where the kayak will be tied up, should take me but a couple of hours.sr6
I will spend some time today on line getting some information on the next 3 reservoirs and Hell’s Canyon.
I went down to the grocery store and got to talking to the meat cutter, looking for some Italian Sausage, I am tired of Summer Sausage and one thing led to another and he said since he lives in Weiser, he would pick me up in the morning at the boat ramp at 4:50AM. So I waited until about 7, headed to Weiser, had a quick Hamburger at the Chinese Restaurant in Weiser, found the boat ramp and got squared away. It was sooooo Hot I couldn’t get to sleep, then a bunch of kids showed up and partied on the bank of the Weiser River until about 1:00. Needless to say I hardly got any sleep at all. But Brandon was right on time, turned out he lived 3 blocks away. I was back in Nyssa at 5:30. Had to be patient and wait around until about 6:30 until it was light enough to get on the water.

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