SUN 8-17…….. Once again, it was a long day paddling, but I made it to the boat ramp in Weiser about 3:00. I met a really nice guy who was fishing on the river just about 1 mile upstream from the boat ramp where my van was parked. He wanted me to stop and talk to him, which I did. We went up and sat on the front porch and talked and had a glass of Iced Tea. Gave my butt a good rest, needed it. Retired airline pilot 77, nice wife and beautiful house. He also still fly’s and trains pilots in wilderness flying. Fly’s into Shepp Ranch all the time. Hope to see him again, might take him over to the cabin on the Owyhee chucker hunting. He does real well for 77.

I plan on getting up early, wash my clothes at a Laundromat I spotted, go to the local Forest Service office to make sure I understand where the boat ramps are up on the Reservoirs. Good 100 miles of paddling just to get to the Brownlee Dam, the first one. Two more but they are short 1 day paddles, then the put in for Hell’s Canyon. I have a situation worked out already on how I am going to get the van out of the Hell’s Canyon and get it down to Heller Bar. Well explain it all when it happens, which I am sure it well.sr8

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