MON 8-18…. I got up early as usual, washed my clothes, went to the local Forest Service office and confirmed that there was no issues with kayaking from Weiser to Brownlee Reservoir. Stopped and had a quick breakfast, bought groceries and got plenty of ice. Dropped my computer off at a computer shop, I had “neglected” to download an “Anti-virus” software when I bought this laptop in March in Minot, ND and I had “issues”. Also, having trouble “keeping” my I-Phone charged. Doesn’t have any problems charging when plugged into my laptop when tethering.sr9
Left for Brownlee Reservoir about 1:00 in the afternoon. It is about an hour and 1/2‘s drive. Once there found a place to park in the boat ramp parking that was in the shade. Talked to one of the Idaho Power employees who takes care of the campground/boat ramp area. He said he would keep an eye on my van/trailer and no issues in parking for days.

Got out on the road about 3:00 immediately got a ride from a shuttle driver who took me down to Hwy 95. Then it took about 30 minutes and got a ride from a school teacher right to my Kayak at the boat ramp in Weiser. I was back on the water by 5:30. Paddled for about 2 hours, found a good spot to camp and was pooped to say the least. Read for a while and wasn’t long before I went to bed and was asleep by dark.

Posted by: Dave Scott on Category: Snake River