TUES 8-19….. On the water as the sun was coming up. I normally have a breakfast smoothie, yogurt, protein bar, piece of fruit, and a banana. Stayed on the water until the wind came up and it was apparent it was going to rain. I didn’t pick the best spot, had the tent up, but had to drop it down and go up and sit under a tree until the quick storm by passed. I ended up having Fettuccini with canned shrimp, cold bottle of milk and a couple of cookies for dinner. Saw a lot of does with their fawns today, they are down along the bank eating the new green grasses growing as the river/reservoir drops. Don’t see them but hear them just before dark, lots of Coyotes eyeing the fawns I am sure. Once again, I don’t have any problem getting to sleep.sr10

Posted by: Dave Scott on Category: Snake River