sr13THURS 8-21…. Didn’t get with it as early as I normally do. This is a long paddle and I am getting tied. My arms and the back of my legs let me know it, but surprising enough I am having no difficulty keeping this pace up. There was a strong breeze up river that makes it difficult. Any breeze up river/up reservoir adds to the energy needed to set a pace and get any amount of miles paddled. Fortunately about noon it laid done and was at the boat ramp within minutes of 3:00.
The first thing I do is get the gear out of the kayak. It the kayak all cleaned up, everything ready to load on to the trailer and put it away, no matter how tired I am. Went up and unlocked the van, it was in the shade, so that really helped. Got up in the boat, got a cold coke and sat down in the seat in the boat and relaxed for a few minutes. Went down, backed down the ramp and got the kayak and all the gear put away. Went directly up and found an RV spot. Since I am VA Disabled, had to only pay half fare, $8 a night, so paid for 2 nights. Got the trailer unhooked, and immediately went and took a shower. First one since leaving Cam’s house almost 4 weeks ago. I have taken river baths but not the same since the river/reservoirs are so filthy dirty. However, as I progressed up Brownlee Reservoir the water has become much cleaner.
There is a little store and café up the road about 2 miles, went up and had a hamburger/fries and bowl of ice cream and bought a couple of bags of ice and head back to the Van. Started another book and read until I couldn’t see any more, got my bed made and went to sleep, fortunately it has cooled down and had got lucky and found a spot in the shade which helped.

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