FRI 8-22…. Headed to town about 7:00 and arrived in Weiser at 8:30. Picked up my computer and went and had a quick breakfast. Drove to Payette where the computer lady had sent me to find out why my I-Phone wasn’t charging. Come to find out, the I-Phone nut told me it was the Plug In little box that was bad. Go figure, how could that be. Went to King’s a Dept./Hardware store in the area and found a new plug in and the box and it works fine. It was charging while plugged into the computer but not the inverter I use in the van off of the battery, so I knew it had to be something simple and it was.
I am parked in a church parking lot in Weiser, getting caught up. Texted and emailed Debbie but haven’t heard back from her. Also called Cam and left a message, nothing from anybody else. I am close to making my plans and decisions on what I am going to attempt to do for the winter, will finalize them before I hit Lewiston so I know when I get to the Columbia exactly what I am going to do. Obviously I don’t think I will have any issues or difficulties getting to Bend by the 14th, to take care of the taxes that extensions were filed on and make the 50th Class Reunion on the 19th.
I will get some more supplies/drinks and pick up ice just before I get back to the van and that little store/café I ate at last night. Computer is working fine, the phone is charging so all is good.

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