This picture was taken by some young guys on a bluff as I was heading to the Lewis and Clark Marina in Yankton.

They texted it to me.

JUNE 6 MONDAY DAY 42 ON THE WATER AND DAY 57 SINCE LEAVING BEND ON APRIL 9 – I am not sure if I am 100% correct on the days both on the water and since leaving but it is close enough. The difference between the days on the water is traveling, the days in Jamestown, ND when the van broke down. Days on the bank when the wind was blowing and days in town resupplying.

There has been now 4 straight days of the wind blowing down river, to my back since leaving Yankton on last Friday morning. Now that is obviously a good thing and it helps tremendously but it is also aggravating. It literally wears me out. I did utilize the umbrella again for shade today which helps.ymm-9-2

I didn’t hit the water until about 8:30. I actually seriously contemplated just taking the day off. It was a good spot. Nobody around. Out of the wind. Not a lot of bugs, but some. But, before I knew it I was loaded up and headed down river.

Once again I have paddled close to 50 miles. Not as tired as I was last night. I am going to sleep up on the grass and a pretty good size marina here in N. Omaha.

I will take a shower in the member’s club house, put some clean clothes on and get some ice from a self-pay.

I can’t believe that by this time tomorrow I will be a good 30/40 miles down river from Omaha, Nebraska. I think I will be on the Mississippi on the other side of St Louis by or before 20 June. We shall see. I do know very good weather is coming. Tomorrow is supposed to be the last of this wind.

I know I am already thinking and planning ahead on how to get the kayak broke down and gear all packaged up to Havasu Landing, get to Jamestown and get my van, drive to Havasu Landing and make the move from Bend with what I have there to Havasu Landing.ymm-9-3

This is a Yellow Cat Fish this guy caught.

JUNE 7 TUESDAY DAY 43 ON THE WATER – Well I didn’t make it down river from Omaha 30/40 miles but I did 20. Picture below is of the Omaha skyline.ymm-9-4

I stopped at a really nice river side park, camp ground and boat docks and had some lunch. My butt is tired from sitting in the kayak and is starting to bother me. Even though I sit on a pillow which is on a very good boat seat I need to do something different or I won’t make it the remaining 1600 miles.

Sitting here I saw that it was already 3:00 so I found the camp host and he said I could stay here under a tree that is next to the boat dock where I have the kayak tied up.ymm-9-5

I will hit it as early as I can in the morning, tomorrow is the 1st day of it getting close to 100 degrees.

Corps of Engineers working on the channel.

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