Lake Khovsgol...Eg River...Selenga River...Lake Baikal June to end of September 2019

Kayaking the shoreline of Lake Khovsgol, down the Eg River into the Selenga River, then down to Lake Baikal a 2,000 mile trip.

Unfortunately I have had to "postpone" this trip until 2019.  Well, it is 2019 and this trip is a go.  The only reason I won't be at lAX Airport on the 19th checking my bags in to make sure everything is OK, is I am dead.  I am not taking Stormy with me, to much stress, to long of flight, but it will be for the best.

I began planning this trip just before we left for the Yukon River Mid June 2017.  This trip is obviously much more challenging when it comes to the logistics of getting there and getting back.  It took me months to get the Russian 3 year multi-entry visa issued.  They just couldn't understand how I could be planning on being in their country, Russia for almost 3 months and never stay in a hotel.  I may, 1 night in Moscow before I catch the plane back to LAX.

It initially was difficult to find someone or several someone's to help me once I got there to make sure I had all of the correct permits and registered with all the proper both Mongolian and Russians governmental agencies to keep myself from being held up or causing myself difficulties on proceeding with the trip.

Fortunately I started communicating with Ernst Von Waldenfels who owns a ( canoeing guide business in Ulaan Baatar.  I also have had help from the Sweetwater Fly shop out of Livingston, MT.  Dan Vermillion with his 2 brothers and one other individual also own Sweetwater Travel that just happens to have partnership with a lodge on the Eg River,  Bayaraa Bayarsaikhan in Ulaan Baatar, one of the partners and head guides I think, has been exceptionally helpful answering my questions.

There are also numerous individuals who have responded to my emails searching out others that have completed portions of this planned kayaking trip.  I have yet to find anybody that has done what I will call all 3 sections.  Some have done Khabutsu Lake, the Eg River, the Selenga River and Lake Baikal.  Some have even done Khovsgol Lake and both the Eg and Selenga rivers.  One gentlemen and his wife from Australia did both rivers and of course there are those I have found have done the entire shoreline of Lake Baikal.  But as I mentioned , I haven't corresponded or found anybody that has done all 3 sections .  Certainly doesn't mean there isn't.

I have all of my gear perfected, gone thru it numerous times and feel very comfortable with what I am going to do and what I will be facing.