4-17 FRI TO 4-26 SUN

LA PARGUER PUERTO RICO JOURNAL 4-17 FRI TO 4-26 SUN 4-17 FRI…..First day I have felt better all day. Went out in the kayak for the 1st time for about 4 hours early this morning, as you can see the pictures are beautiful. It will take me several trips out Read More

4-9 TO 4-16

LA PARGUERA PUERTO RICO JOURNAL 4-9 TO 4-16 THURS 4-9……I feel better this morning, finally. I bought some Nighttime Nyquil at the store yesterday and I think along with the antibiotics I got the last time I was sick has helped kick this thing. I will take it easy today Read More

3-30 TO 4-9

LA PARGUERA , PUERTO RICO 3-30 TO 4-9 MON 3-30…Cameron dropped me off at 6:30AM at the Redmond airport for the one way flight to San Juan Puerto, Rico. Quick layover in LA, then on to Miami. Arrive around 8PM and have a 10 Hr. plus or minus lay over Read More