FRI 8-22…. Headed to town about 7:00 and arrived in Weiser at 8:30. Picked up my computer and went and had a quick breakfast. Drove to Payette where the computer lady had sent me to find out why my I-Phone wasn’t charging. Come to find out, the I-Phone nut told Read More


THURS 8-21…. Didn’t get with it as early as I normally do. This is a long paddle and I am getting tied. My arms and the back of my legs let me know it, but surprising enough I am having no difficulty keeping this pace up. There was a strong Read More


WENS 8-20…. The wind blew all night, and it was still blowing in the morning. I had to sit and wait until about 10 and the wind started to slow down. Went ahead and got on the water and once I got going, the wind laid down and paddled for Read More


TUES 8-19….. On the water as the sun was coming up. I normally have a breakfast smoothie, yogurt, protein bar, piece of fruit, and a banana. Stayed on the water until the wind came up and it was apparent it was going to rain. I didn’t pick the best spot, Read More


MON 8-18…. I got up early as usual, washed my clothes, went to the local Forest Service office and confirmed that there was no issues with kayaking from Weiser to Brownlee Reservoir. Stopped and had a quick breakfast, bought groceries and got plenty of ice. Dropped my computer off at Read More


SUN 8-17…….. Once again, it was a long day paddling, but I made it to the boat ramp in Weiser about 3:00. I met a really nice guy who was fishing on the river just about 1 mile upstream from the boat ramp where my van was parked. He wanted Read More


SAT 8-16…. Waited till the sun came up to get up. No question I was as tired last night as I have ever been so far on the trip. I figure I have about 4 hours to get to the boat ramp in Nyssa. I had a banana, protein bar Read More


FRI 8-15….. Got up early as usual, covered the boat and walked across the bridge to start hitch hiking back to Marsing. Immediately got a ride with a guy headed to Boise to go to court for his daughter as a witness. Once to the junction that headed to Marsing, Read More


THURS 8-14……… Headed to Marsing about 7AM. Got to the boat ramp in less than an hour, parked and walked thru town to get up to the other end where I could miss what town traffic there was. Immediately got a ride from a rancher who was headed up into Read More


WENS 8-13…. Woke up to lots of coyotes howling. Went for a walk, topped the boat off with air, so it was solid on the trailer, hdied up the B and headed to Walter’s Landing. Here at Walter’s Landing I cooked pancakes, had an egg, orange juice and have decided Read More