TUES 8-12….. Up at way before the sun came over the rim rock. On the water well before 7. I was in the frame of mind it was going to take me unhl tomorrow at around noon, so I was mentally prepared for another night on the river. As the Read More


MON 8-11…. Thought about taking today off, can’t count yesterday as a day off. With it being 100 degrees, driving, stopping in Twin Falls at Costco, Wal Mart and gas and the stress of trying to make sure I am squared away, takes a toll on me. I didn’t stay Read More


SUN 8-10….. No problem getting up. My left arm was really bothering me last night, but feels preky good this morning. Conhnued to work on the gear, get everything really in its place. Had breakfast of hash browns, sausage, eggs and orange juice. About ready to go find a Walmart. Read More


SAT 8-9…… On the river about 8 and the current in the river is carrying me further and further into the reservoir. The reservoir is very low so obviously with all the rain the river runs a greater distance into the body of the water. Lots of birds, all different Read More


FRI 8-8…… Beautiful morning, got up just as the sun was coming up, didn’t take but 30 minutes to get on the water. 15 minutes into the day and another irrigahon ditch diversion dam is before me. Nothing good about it, so I decided once again to portage around the Read More


TRIP BEGAN AT THE SOUTH END OF YELLOWSTONE PARK, 2 MILES FURTHER SOUTH THURS 8 – 7 TO SUN 8 – 17 SHELLY, ID TO STRIKER RESEVOIR TO MARSHING, ID   THURS 8 – 7…… Wasn’t in a hurry to get up this morning. Got started about 7. Got the Read More


WENS 8-2…. Got with it about 8. Stayed here at the boat ramp, no issues this time with staying overnight. Cleaned up things, got all my dirty clothes ready to wash, squared things away on the boat and headed to Great Falls. Once to Great Falls immediately found a Laundromat Read More


TUES 8-5….. Up, getting things broke down which is obviously all wet/damp. Won’t take long for thing to dry out, whenever that is. I don’t like things being wrapped up for too long wet, but as long as it stays raining and doesn’t get hot they won’t mildew and smell. Read More


MON 8-4…. At Doug’s at 7:30, got the cover out and low and be hold the “distributor” was loose, evidently Bill, the guy who did all the work on the Van forgot to tighten it. Doug came out and we timed it, he tightened it up and for $50 bucks Read More


SUN 8-3….. Up at the break of dawn, up to the store to get ice and pack the cooler for the Kayak, I expect to be out on the lake tonight. Got it in the kayak and head to Palisades Dam. Got to the dam and found out that in Read More