SAT 8-2….. No problem for this guy geing up at sunrise. There has not been a morning on the river yet that I don’t wake up to the Bald Eagles. A mother is always showing her young how to fly. This morning there were two of them right across the Read More


FRI 8-1…..You are not supposed to camp on the river in the park, all the raft trips are a 1⁄2 day or day trip event. But, not one to break the rules, tried to sleep in the recliner chair I have on a small island, got cold so got the Read More


THURS 7-31…. Once again got up early, well before the sun came up. Got packed up, everything was dry. Already pretty much had things ready to pack in the Kayak except for the tent, cot, sleeping blankets, refused to use the sleeping bag again. Absolutely beautiful morning. Saw no animals. Read More


WENS 7-30….. Got up early again, which is something I don’t have any problem doing. Everything was soaking wet, but knew I could dry everything out by the end of the day when I stopped again. Got packed up, got breakfast out of cut up fruit, yogurt, and a mango Read More


TUES 7-29…….. Up early in the camp ground. Completely full from everywhere in the world. Got to the put in close to Flagg Ranch. Got kayak in river and all loaded up. Headed to Signal Mountain boat ramp parking area. 45 minute drive. Had to walk close to 4 miles Read More


7-28 MONDAY……. Once again got up early and headed to Jackson Hole. Once to town, stopped and arranged the Ice Chest/got some food…ice…drinks…and got the Cat squared away. Stopped at Jackson White Water to find a guy named “Odd Captain Ron” who I have heard is as “odd” as I Read More


7-27 SUN…… Got up early and started driving before the sun came up. Hot, probably close to 95 degrees. Went South of Boise, ID thru the Birds of Prey area along the Snake just to get an idea of what I was going to be faced with. It is a Read More


TRIP BEGAN AT THE SOUTH END OF YELLOWSTONE PARK, 2 MILES FURTHER SOUTH Snake River Photo Album #1   7-26 SAT LEFT BEND, OR AT 5:00PM…… Left Bend, OR at 5:00 PM after 2 weeks of preparing the trailer/boat/kayak/gear and issues with the Class B MH Van. It had a cracked head Read More