WENDS NOV 2 DAY 72 ON THE WATER – It is not easy to wait a couple of weeks and try to do a journal, get caught up on it, but I will do the best I can. We had a good night’s sleep last night. It helps to be Read More


FRIDAY OCTOBER 28 DAY 67 ON THE WATER – I am a couple days behind on doing this journal. On Friday I stopped in Caruthersville, MO and got stocked up again. I had missed the boat ramp and tied up down river about 100 yards not knowing yet where I Read More


  FRIDAY OCT 14, DAY 55 ON THE WATER – To bring this up to date. I left Havasu Landing on Thursday Oct 6. It was close to 1600 miles driving to get to Hermann, MO arriving Sunday about 1. Kenny Black who owns the bait shop and who helped Read More


12– JOURNAL HERMAN, MO JUNE 18 WHERE I HAD TO STOP MY TRIP….GOT SICK JUNE 17 FRIDAY DAY 53 ON THE WATER – I have kept hearing about a place called “The Chain Of Rocks” a couple of miles down the Mississippi from the Confluence before you get to St. Read More


JUNE 13 MONDAY DAY 49 ON THE WATER – What a terrible night I had last night the1st one, considering all of the river miles, wind, storms, mud and challenges I have been faced with. If one remembers in the last journal, the last day Sunday, yesterday I mentioned the Read More


JUNE 8 WED DAY 44 ON THE WATER – I am in Nebraska City, Nebraska at another good State boat dock and camp ground. What is nice about these is they all have good bathrooms with showers, power, grass and normally I can stay close to my kayak. I enjoyed Read More


This picture was taken by some young guys on a bluff as I was heading to the Lewis and Clark Marina in Yankton. They texted it to me. JUNE 6 MONDAY DAY 42 ON THE WATER AND DAY 57 SINCE LEAVING BEND ON APRIL 9 – I am not sure Read More


JUNE 3 FRIDAY DAY 39 ON THE WATER – Not a bad night’s sleep considering that I was literally busy YESTERDAY from 7 until 9:30. But I got everything done. I was up, shaved, had yogurt and granola once again and shoved off by 8. What a joy to have Read More


MAY 31 TUESDAY DAY 37 ON THE WATER – Last night was another unenjoyable night. Thunderstorms again and the tent wasn’t in the best spot. I did manage to get to sleep with the wind howling, lightning and thunder and lots of rain. It is starting to wear on me. Read More


MAY 28 SATURDAY DAY 34 ON THE WATER – I was in a good spot last night. Not many mosquitos and off far enough and tucked back in behind a bluff. No wind all night long. I had a two white tail come right by my tent I don’t think Read More