MAY 23 MONDAY DAY 29 ON THE WATER – I woke up early and walked down to the water and the water was like glass. Finally, it looked like I was going to be able to make some headway. Once loaded up I headed out and spent well over 8 Read More


For the 2nd night I had not put up the tent. The mice drove me nuts. I put the tent down, then the pad and then my bag. They ran up and down the side of the bag on the tent. Then they would run over the bag. Couple of Read More


MAY 14 SATURDAY DAY 24 ON THE WATER – Jim Wahl picked me up at 8AM and I was down at the boat dock in 10 minutes. What luck I am having getting the help when I need it. This picture is in front of the motel where I stayed Read More

#5- #3 JOURNAL

MAY 11 WENDSDAY/MAY 12 THURSDAY DAY 27/28 ON THE WATER – I am going to combine these two days, both these days have been challenging to say the list. Thursday woke up once again to the wind blowing N. N/W which is basically the direction I needed to go, blowing Read More

#5- #2 JOURNAL

MAY 10 TUESDAY DAY 26 ON THE WATER – Nobody said this was going to be easy, least of all me. In fact the only thing I have heard is I must be crazy and for sure have lost my mind. I woke up to rain this morning and the Read More

#5- #1 JOURNAL

These are Paddle Fish that they catch this time of year at the Confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers. North Star Caviar Company keeps this building here, hires guys to clean the fish for free for the eggs, for Caviar, a very expensive kind I guess. 100 guys on Read More


THOSE OF YOU WHOM HAVE ALREADY READ THE #3 JOURNALS, #1 #2 and #3 SHOULD GO BACK AND REVIEW THEM AGAIN, I ADDED QUITE A FEW PICTURES. MAY 3 TUESDAY DAY 21 ON THE WATER – I got up early and did my thing on the computer, got the Journal’s Read More

#3 – 3 JOURNAL

APRIL 28 THURS DAY 19 ON THE WATER – I stayed up a little later than normal last night to make sure I had my waders, the insides of them dry. It paid off because I was up at about 6 and it was cold and everything was dry. What Read More

#3 – 2 JOURNAL

APRIL 27 WENS DAY 18 ON THE WATER – I just can’t catch a break on the weather. Rained all night and this morning when I woke up about 6. The decision to stay in the tent just doesn’t work for me, no matter what. I packed up and hit Read More


APRIL 22 FRI DAY 13 ON THE RIVER – Because of the way the website software works, it is difficult to put more than 2MB on at a time, that is the reason for Journal #2-1 … #2-2…#2-3, It is just the way I am going to have to do Read More