Yukon, July 26

Wednesday – Day 34 on Water – We got a good night’s sleep despite these little pesky flies. Up at 5, packed and on the river at 5:45. 1st thing in the morning I saw a very large Grizzly bear walking up river on the N. side, which is the Read More

Yukon, July 25

Tuesday- Day 33 on Water – Nothing wrong with a routine if it is a good one. Down the river at 6:30. Overcast but no wind. What a break considering the amount of wind in the last 2 days. A good day. At 2 we stopped, got set up, went Read More

Yukon, July 24

Monday – Day 32 on Water – There was no hurry this morning but we were still up by 6. I tidied things up, made some oatmeal and we went for a walk. I think the Library opens at 9 will head there. It looks and feels like the storm Read More

Yukon, July 23

Sunday – Day 31 on Water – I was up at 5 and packed by 6, ready to go. Mike was up, we exchanged contact information, he gave me a copy of the 2 books he had published and we were on our way. I anticipated getting to Tanana by Read More

Yukon, July 22

Saturday – Day 30 on Water – I knew I couldn’t make it to Tanana so decided to stop about 15 miles upriver then get up early as usual and get there about 10 and try to be done by 3. The Norway boys caught up with me, they stop Read More

Yukon, July 21

Friday – Day 29 on Water – Same routine up early and a good day. Beautiful weather. I did a lot of drifting and even got to sail for about an hour.

Yukon, July 20

Thursday – Day 28 on Water – I went up and had a bowl of Oatmeal with raisins, blueberries, brown sugar and milk. I tried the internet Wi fi for the 2nd time to no avail. Lot of these people up here try to use the excuse for their lack Read More

Yukon, July 19

Wednesday – Day 27 On Water – I got hit last night with 1 of the worst cases of Diarrhea I have ever had. Had to be the water from the Villages community water source. My stomach is churning. I managed to get us packed up and had to pull Read More

Yukon, July 18

Tuesday – Day 26 on Water – Long day today. We were up again and on the water at 5:45. Beautiful morning, not even a breeze, water was very smooth I had the drone on top and flew it off the kayak. My initial thinking the titanium frame might be Read More

Yukon, July 17

Monday – Day 25 On Water – I am glad we stopped early yesterday. I was extremely tired. The only mistake I made was not going to the fishing village and filling my water bottles before camping. I couldn’t get there this morning because of the current. I should have Read More