Yukon, July 16

Sunday – Day 24 On Water – I wake up early so when I looked at my watch and it said 4:15 I wasn’t surprised because that is the routine time for me. We got up and Stormy was a little slow about it. When I took the 1st load Read More

Yukon, July 15

Saturday – Day 23 On Water – Up at 4 and on the water at 5:45. This part of the trip is tricky and stressful. I have no map nor GPS. Phone doesn’t pick up GPS/maps like it did on last years trip. I am trying to stay in the Read More

Yukon, July 14

Friday – Day 22 On Water – As planned I was up at 5:30 and on the water by 7. KC was in a very sour mood. I was in a lagoon at town by 9. It took me close to 1½ hours to send some texts and make some Read More

Yukon, July 13

Thursday – Day 21 On Water – Another night of camping on an island. Certainly, no problems finding camping spots. Particularly in the Yukon Flats. Stormy and I are both tired. Fort Yukon is 90 miles from Circle. I have a feeling KC and I are going to be having Read More

Yukon July 5

Wednesday Day 13 On Water – I was awakened at 2AM by a guy with a black hoodie stealing my little camp stove. It was sitting on a table. I hollered at him, got the zipper to the tent down and Stormy took out after him. He dropped the stove Read More

Yukon July 4

Tuesday– Day 12 On Water – Up early again at 5. It had been raining but quit when I started to pack the kayak. Got my breakfast made and hot tea and hit the water. I had decided to paddle the 67 miles to Dawson rather than make camp again Read More

Yukon July 3

Monday – Day 11 On Water – Up at 4:30 again and on the water at 5:45. Just works for me. It was raining again when we woke up but quit just as I got out of the tent to start packing the kayak. I always try to be ready Read More

Yukon June 29

June 29, Thursday 7 On Water – There are no shortage of good places to camp and they have all been used extensively. Last night was no exception. I went to bed about 8. 1 don’t go right to sleep but it doesn’t take long despite it not getting dark. Read More

Yukon June 28

June 28, Wednesday Day 6 On River – Where we camped last night once again there were tables and outhouses. Something I never expected. Spending the night also were the father and son from Holland, the retired pastry chef from Reno/France, two Canadians couples who paddled the Teslin River that Read More

Yukon June 27

June 27 Tuesday 5 On River – No fish. They are there because you can see them jumping. Not a lot bugs on the water. I got a good night’s sleep. We had a mouse in the tent and with everything I had in there it drove Stormy nuts. We Read More