Yukon June 16

Friday – Spent the morning getting a few things and getting some food to eat on the ferry. We also went for a long walk in a park in town. Once I checked in it was a patience thing until about 3 when they started to board the ferry and Read More

Yukon June 15

Thursday – Wasn’t a bad place to spend the night, no one bothered me and surprisingly enough it was quiet. I was at Tom’s at the appointed time. Tom is quite a guy. Www. Wildriverpress.com is his website. An avid steelhead fisherman, fishing all over the world. He has published Read More

Yukon June 14

Wednesday – Left about 7AM for Lance Nowland’s place in Randle, Washington. Lance is Mike Nowland’s older brother, I have also known Lance for years. He and Judy his wife were also in Alaska for years. Arrived at his place about noon. He was in the process of putting in Read More

Yukon June 13

Tuesday – Spent the night at Skips. He is doing great. He really made some good financial decisions over the years. Should have hired him as a Mentor or the decision maker. His place is first class. Headed to Vancouver, Washington about 10AM to go see Jeff and Jimmy Nowland, Read More

Yukon June 12

Monday – Went by Jeff and Jeans to go to breakfast with them. Got to see Amy. They both are doing very well. Then on to Skip Fisher’s place in Sheridan.

Yukon June 11

Sunday – Left Bend about 10AM I just couldn’t take it any longer. Stayed up on the pass on the way to Salem at the Forest Service campground at Lost Lake. Been by it 100 times but never pulled in.

Yukon June 17

Saturday – The 1st night on the ferry I did not sleep at all. None. I didn’t even doze. I don’t know why. Obviously, it was a very long day. My legs and stomach were bothering me, I was stressed in such an enclosed area and I was miserable. I Read More