La Parguera Puerto Rico Journal April to end June 2014

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3-30 TO 4-8MON 3-30…Cameron dropped me off at 6:30AM at the Redmond airport for the one way flight to San Juan Puerto, Rico. Quick layover in LA, then on to Miami. Arrive around 8PM and have a 10 Hr. plus or minus lay over in Miami, will not leave the airport to get a room, just not enough time, so will spend the night in the airport.TUES 3-31…Very long night in the airport. Very cold, the air conditioners were really pumping out very cold air. I slept on the floor. There were [...]

LA PARGUERA PUERTO RICO JOURNAL WEEK 24-9 TO 4-16THURS 4-9……I feel better this morning, finally. I bought some Nighttime Nyquil at the store yesterday and I think along with the antibiotics I got the last time I was sick has helped kick this thing. I will take it easy today one more day, then hopefully I can get back on a schedule tomorrow of getting up early, go for a walk, use the gym, then there is the trading and try to find a kayak tomorrow. I am not going to rent one, by [...]

LA PARGUERA PUERTO RICO JOURNAL WEEK 34-17 FRI TO 4-26 SUNTito took me to Wal Mart which is about 14 miles away, but believe it or not takes almost 50 minutes to get there. Big mall, with almost every kind of store imaginable. I had a list of things I wanted to get for the kayak, make things safer and of course every single thing I bought I have 2 or 3 of back in the Class B or the tool van or in Cam’s garage with the camping/kayaking/rafting gear. We left about 5:00 and didn’t [...]

LA PARGUERA PUERTO RICO JOURNAL WEEK 44-27 MON TO 5-1 FRI4-27 MON….This picture above is why “they” come to La Parguera. They come on the weekends, not so much to stay, but it is a day drive for a lot of them, even from San Juan. The Puerto Ricans love their cars and this is a “drive destination” to see this view. They park here on top of the hill, which is just up from the Apartment Building. They come by the hundreds every week end. It is unbelievable how [...]

LA PARGUERA PUERTO RICO JOURNAL WEEK 55-2 TO 5-85-2 SAT….Got up early, got things ready to go spend the night on an Island, had no idea which one. It took 2 trips down and back up the hill to the Kayak, with the Ice Chest, the seat I had an idea I could make to make it much more comfortable, the bag with the tent, pad, blanket and pillow and the chair. I didn’t leave until about 8:00 which was a good hour later than I wanted to.The seat worked perfectly. Put a board in the back [...]

LA PARGUERA PUERTO RICO JOURNAL WEEK 65-8 TO 5-175-8 FRI….Up early as usual and went for a long walk around town, on the other side up on a hill where there are some very nice houses. Some of them have to be well over $1M. Then back, tidied up the apartment and sent a couple of hours at the pool. I am going to have to find some books.5-9 SAT…left the apartment at 6:00AM and was on the water by 6:15. Paddled as far South as I could before the wind came up, then headed back and [...]

La Parguera Puerto Rico Journal 6-9 TUES…. I got behind on the Journal, the days just kind of have run together, my routine is so set in stone. I really haven’t done much different except probably become more active. Yesterday I exercised; spent time on the stationary bike, on the weight machine, then did my 4 mile walk, spent the rest of the day at the pool and laying on the hammock.I also get up at 1:40AM, to catch the European Market, sometimes go back to bed from about 4 [...]