The Trail Depends on You

By Straw Berry

When you settle your old pony,
to head off down life’s trail,
Be sure that you don’t fail to plan,
Unless you plan to fail.

Before you climb up on his back,
Make sure your cinch is tight.
And that you’ve learned from past mistakes,
Don’t make the same one twice.

Make sure your saddlebags are full,
Of supplies you will require.
Like knowledge, training guts and grit.
And a dose of inner fire.

With patience, common sense and tact,
Fill your canteen plum up to the brim.
Tie a big sense of humor to your saddle horn.
Sometimes life on the trail can be grim.

It won’t be easy that’s ger shore,
And it may put your strength to test.
But you won’t never know how far you can go,
Till you rare back and give it your best.

You’ll cross rivers and mountains, a canyon or two,
Where all kinds of boogers await.
But the most challenging obstacles you’ll have to face,
Are the ones you yourself will create.

And if your old pony is in good condition,
And you’re prepared for the journey as well,
You’ll give yourself a running start,
Towards reaching the end of the trail.

Sometimes the trail is the swift,
Sometimes to the slow,
But the end of the trail can never be reached,
Till you pack up your bedroll and go.

Give thanks to the ones that helped you to this point,
But no it’s true.
The guy who decides if you finish or quit,
Looks back from the mirror at you.

So make sure your old pony is ready,
And that you got yourself ready too.
Cause your success or your failure, as you go down life’s trail,
In the end, will depend on you.