Yukon, Aug 2

Wednesday – Day 41 on Water – I haven’t been able to take any pictures because it has been raining all the time. I suppose I could take some with my phone, because it is too much trouble when it is raining to get the notebook out and have to use the mouse to take pictures. But nothing really in the way of picture taking anyway with the clouds low on the water and it is raining.


We managed to once again get on the water fairly early, by 7:00AM in spite of it raining. It doesn’t take long to get the kayak packed and we are off. The wind is still blowing up river, which makes it tough to say the least. It also means once we have paddled along the island, we need to get across the river once again to get to the bank, the N side where I have been keeping to get out of the wind and hopefully find some current.


Because I am working so hard to get the miles in, my thumbs and joints are bothering more and more and it is stressful. It is hard to enjoy any part of this under these conditions.

Posted by: Dave Scott on Category: Yukon