Yukon, Aug 5

Saturday – Day 44 – We got up very early. We had to be patient and so we went for a walk along the river. I saw a huge porcupine which Stormy didn’t see thank heavens. Once 9 came along, Mike the school teacher came over with his truck and took me to the airport.


The plane arrived about 10:00 loaded with supplies for the grocery store and mail. A few of us helped unload the plane and there were 4 of us flying out. Stormy and I got on the plane and that was the beginning of the trip home, back to Bend, then on down to Havasu Landing. Stormy did great flying for the 1st time. The trip wouldn’t have been the same without her, she has become a good traveling companion and as I tell her all the time, “Stormy, it is just you and me”.

Posted by: Dave Scott on Category: Yukon