Yukon July 2

Day 10 On Water – KC showed up about 6 and got his camp set up. We planned the next day’s stop 50 plus miles. I slept good once again. Still sleeping on the ground. I haven’t had to get up and pee lately at night so that helps sleeping on the ground.

I was up at 4:30 and on the river at 5:45. Today I saw 3 black bears, 1 moose, 3 beaver and several bald eagles.

It started raining about 11 and rained all day. I ran into the 9 kids and passed them. They say they are on schedule to catch their flight out of Emmorak on the 19th. At the miles, I am doing I may get their about 6 days or more before them.

I got to the predetermined Island at 3:30. Still raining. Got tent set up and things arranged. Also built a fire. KC showed up at about 5:30 and it quit raining shortly after that. The sun came out and I got everything dried I needed to.

Stormy had a rough day.

KC and I once again decided to camp on one of a couple Islands 50 plus miles again tomorrow. Doing 50 miles is very easy on this river with the current there is.

I am sure I will be up early again. I flew the drone once again and feel much more comfortable flying it. I don’t take it high or send it out far. I need to figure out the recorder so I can narrate on the videos.

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