Yukon, July 27

Thursday – Day 35 on Water – Our next way station to stop at is Galena, I would expect to be there on Fri afternoon or Saturday morning, once again trying to hit in so I don’t have to spend any more time in town than necessary. After my lesson in Tannana, with everything being closed on Sundays and getting there late Saturday afternoon, I don’t want that to happen again, although that down time was spent productively and with the way the weather was, it worked out well.

The little flies seem to be dissipating. I don’t remember if I mentioned I had bought Stormy some insect repellant when I got here Health Certificate from the Vet in Bellingham and finally remember and got it on her. It has made a huge difference. The bank keeps going by.

I am beginning to realize that my doubts about this Feathercraft, the tandem K-2 being the right kayak for this part of the trip remaining is the right choice. It is heavy when it is loaded. It doesn’t do well against the wind let alone a good stiff breeze. I am working twice, sometimes three times has hard as I have to. That is one of the main reasons my thumbs are bother me. I need a hard shell, sleek, light weight, no dog, no dog food, limited supplies and camping gear and paddle right on thru the remaining miles that are left.

Once we get past Galena a couple of hundred miles, it opens up, no hills, no mountains and no trees. Therefore, no wind breaks. Going to be tough going. It already has been.

Since I made the decision to stay on the right bank, N side of the river channel I am on, I have to paddle across at the end of the day to get on the island. It is tough, because normally after 2 a good stiff breeze of wind is blowing up river and it can be a job at the end of the day. Very stressful and trying. But once we are there we are there. Once again, I don’t want to camp on the main shore line because of the amount of bears and bear tracks I have seen all the time. Every time I see a cow moose and her calf tracks, there are bear tracks and wolf tracks. Always.

Now, once again, the thought process that the bears aren’t on the islands is bullshit. I have seen just as many bears, bear tracks on the islands as I have on the main shore.

The water is also dropping daily. So that means sometimes a good walk to get up off of the sand bar, back against the bushes or the trees. If you set up on a sand bar and the wind comes up, you can have your tent full of sand in about 30 seconds. So I always make the trek, no matter how far it is. It takes 5 trips up to set up and 5 trips back in the morning to pack the Kayak. I look at it as loosing up at the end of the day and in the morning as my exercise and getting the stiffness out of my muscles and joints. Stormy likes it because she gets to run. She is always glad to get out of the kayak at the end of the day, but she sure is good when she is in it. She has not once time made a fuss, no longer how long we are in the kayak.

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