Yukon July 3

Monday – Day 11 On Water – Up at 4:30 again and on the water at 5:45. Just works for me. It was raining again when we woke up but quit just as I got out of the tent to start packing the kayak. I always try to be ready for rain, have my rain coat in the tent and of course wearing the hip waders. My feet have not got wet or cold one time. They also give me arch support and confidence getting in and out of the kayak.

It never rained again, cleared off about 11 and stayed that way until we did the 50 miles. I got confused on where we agreed to stay for tonight. The White River came in to the Yukon about 4miles back. It is heavenly laden with glacier silt. So it has turned the water a very milky light brown and has. Completely changed the dynamics of the river water. I have stopped on an Island in the main channel and put my sail up on the end of the Island on the side I am on.

A thunder storm, a good one has hit with both lightning and thunder. It has kind of circled around me so I haven’t got a lot of rain. But the temp has dropped significantly. KC might have stopped to get off the river with the lightening. KC never did show up.

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