Yukon, July 30

Sunday – Day 38 on Water – There was a break in the rain in the morning when we got up. Once I got the kayak packed I had some hot oatmeal right there on the bank, then put the stove away. I quit making tea, the damn insulated cup I was using leaked and it always got in the way. No good place to put it.


As the morning progressed it cleared up and actually turned out to be a nice day. We paddled about 33 miles this day.


I can’t remember what day it was, because I got behind on the Journal. But it was a very beautiful morning, no wind, no clouds and I decided to once again fly the drone off of the kayak. There wasn’t that much current. The drone got behind me and I couldn’t see it in the sun and the breeze was blowing up river so I couldn’t hear it. It got too far away as I was drifting down river, so I hit the Home button.


It then notified me that the battery was depleted sufficiently to automatically send it into Home mode and that is where it went, where I had sent if off up river. I had made a mistake in not understanding how to use the drone more than I should have. The last thing I remember is that Chinese lady telling me the drone was “landing” right in the middle of the Yukon River. That was the end of that.


(When I got back I called DJI and they told me that there are several programs in the software that allow the drone to come back to wherever the Controller is, I just never took the time to learn how to program them and use them. Big mistake. I don’t only lost the drone but all of the video and pictures that were on the chip in the Camera.)

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