Yukon, July 31

Monday – Day 39 on Water – We haven’t seen many bears in the last couple of days. It is kind of a hit and miss thing. They are out there to be sure. Every time we stop on the bank to take a break there are bear tracks and there are wolf tracks. There are also always moose tracks, both the cow and the calf along with the bulls. No mistaking the bulls, their tracks are huge.


We also haven’t seen anybody else on the river. The last persons seen were the couple from Ontario. I think the 3 guys from Norway have gotten in front of me and are going to get done as soon as possible because they said something about wanting to go to Mt. Denali Park.


The kids, the 9 of them are also not too far in front of me. I expect at some point in time to run into them. I have a feeling the weather is going to change. We have had way too many good days. We are bound to get some wind and rain. It is inevitable.

Posted by: Dave Scott on Category: Yukon