Yukon July 4

Tuesday– Day 12 On Water – Up early again at 5. It had been raining but quit when I started to pack the kayak. Got my breakfast made and hot tea and hit the water. I had decided to paddle the 67 miles to Dawson rather than make camp again ND have to break it down and only go 20 miles at the camp ground we are going to take a day at.

It got colder and fogged up. Very difficult to see. There are enough challenges as there are without the fog.

10 miles down the river I saw KC camped on an Island. He said he didn’t see me but that is getting to be standard practice for him. It is him rowing backwards.

At 22 in the afternoon it was 80 degrees and that is hot on the water. I arrived at the camp ground at about 4:30, very tired. Got squared away, had something to eat and KC showed up. I was asleep by 10.

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