Yukon June 24

June 24, Saturday, Day 2 On River – KC is not an early riser and is not one that gets right with it. I got packed up and flew the drone for a bit. We got on the water about 9, a good 2 hours later than I like to, so we are going to have to make some changes there. Not sure yet, but I will probably pack up and just go. I like to make my cup of tea before finalizing packing the kayak and have my cup of tea 1st on the water than I have the yogurt and oats afterwards while drifting. I have a variety of energy bars, some salt water taffy, licorice both red and black, if I have them an energy drink in my day pack and course water in the seat with me.

We hit the entrance to Lake Leberge about 11. This lake can be the most dangerous part of this trip on the Yukon. It is shallow and the wind can come up in minutes. The wind blows mostly down river out of the S. It was very smooth when we entered the lake. Our plan was to paddle the lake and get to the other end about 11, taking 12 hours to do the 30 miles. I had my doubts. I looked at the map and drew straight lines from point A to B, arriving at B which then becomes point A and so on. I had no intention of being on the open water after 1, 2 at the latest. I went straight down the lake. The way KC has his canoe set up he can only travel about ½ as fast as me and must work twice as hard. I knew we weren’t going to make the 30 miles in one day, nor should we.


I turned around once and saw KC way behind me. The next time he was nowhere in sight.


At about 12 the wind came up from the S, which was at our back and it started raining. I was not prepared, I didn’t have my rain skirt on, didn’t have Stormy’s cover on and wasn’t dressed properly.

I headed directly for an Island on the East side which was my 1st B. I arrived at 1:30. I figured perhaps KC headed to the East bank to be closer to shore and safety if he needed to stop. I built a good fire, made a couple peanut butter and jam sandwiches and Stormy and I sat under a tree and waited for it to stop raining which it shortly did.

I gathered more wood to keep the fire going and walked to a high point to see if I could see KC, which he was nowhere in sight. I decided to go thru my gear, consolidate and eliminate which I did. Set my camp up, heated up a can of chili and sat by the fire awhile and then we went to bed. I can already see that because Stormy wants to be close to me at night, it is going to be easier for me to sleep on the floor of the tent than sleeping on the cot. Besides with the way this tent is configured Cam gave me it is better to sleep on the floor, there is more room.

Once off this lake and back in the current absent any really bad weather I am beginning to think this is not going to be that hard of trip. But 2 days certainly doesn’t make that true.

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