Yukon June 25

June 25, Sunday Day 3 On River – I was up at 4:30 and on the water and 5:30 which is the time I like to hit it. The weather was beautiful, sun shunning No wind, barely a breeze. It was obvious that KC did 1 of 2 things. He went to the East side or let the wind blow him right down the middle of the lake. The wind yesterday quit blowing at about 5 or 6 so if he continued he wouldn’t have got to the end of the lake before 1 or 2 in the morning.

Before leaving I set my sail up in case the wind came up. After consolidating my gear yesterday, the kayak packed much more easily.


I paddled for a while and then the wind came up and I set the sail and sailed for several hours. The wind died down and had to paddle again. We got to sail again almost the rest of the way. I arrived at the end of the lake at 1:30 PM. No KC, so he obviously stopped for the night. I don’t think he is in very good shape. He smokes a combination of tobacco and pot, rolls his own. Says he has been coughing since he was a kid, mold on his lungs. He is admit the smoking has nothing to do with his smoking.


Nobody around, this is a very beautiful place. 1 guy in a canoe showed up and has camped up river from me a way. He is from Whitehorse and going to Carmacks I think.


The couple from Boston went by and told me KC was about an hour behind them. So, that told me I am a head of all of them.


KC showed up and said he got tired and had to stop. This also told me the 9 kids are also behind me.


I am not sore or tired in any respect. If it weren’t for the cold I would be in great shape and it shows.


I told KC I wanted to stay here for a day and he concurred. I made a great vegetable soup out of dried soup, fried up some hamburger/onions and put diced stewed tomatoes in it. Delicious.


I got my camp set up, I put a tarp up for shade in case it does rain and put the tent up right behind it, fire pit and table right out front. Great set up and I have decided to spend tomorrow here. I have caught a cold and am miserable. I only have Vicks and aspirin. I will probably get over it quickly but next time I can get to a store, will get some cough medicine and more cough drops.


The crew of 9 showed up and decided to cook up their dinner here on the bank, no room foe that size of group to camp out in the open. There is a great site in the trees off the bank, but the bugs and black flies are prolific in the grass and trees, no breeze or winds.

There are bathrooms here and the natives own the place and take care of it.


We have had no issues with mosquitos or other insects yet.


I went to bed about 9 but had to get up and I took the cot and put it outside and set the bed up on the floor and Stormy was extremely happy.

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