Yukon June 26

June 26, Monday Day 4 On River – I didn’t wake up until 8:30 which is very unusual for me. I don’t feel that great. I set my fishing poles up last night. The spinning reel doesn’t work so it ended up in the Yukon. The fly reel doesn’t have enough fly line. Should have checked them before leaving. Hope there is a second-hand store down the river. I can use the fly pole.


My plan today is to get caught up on the Journal, do a Chapter in the book and take a nap. I have my gear very consolidated and packing the kayak is easy.

I also plan on flying the drone this afternoon. I saw a Dall Sheep on the lake and wished I would have been able to send the Drone up. But I can’t sail and have the drone out at the same time.


Had yogurt and my cereal for breakfast. I don’t eat granola anymore, but did break down and buy dairy based yogurt. I have plenty of food.

I am going to fly fish later and hope we can have fish and rice tonight. This must be one of the best places I have ever camped on any of my trips.


Posted by: Dave Scott on Category: Yukon