Yukon June 27

June 27 Tuesday 5 On River – No fish. They are there because you can see them jumping. Not a lot bugs on the water. I got a good night’s sleep. We had a mouse in the tent and with everything I had in there it drove Stormy nuts. We didn’t find it until I had everything out and was ready to take the tent down. Between the mice, the frogs and the squirrels Stormy is having a ball. I was up at Little after 5, feeling much better. Laying over for a day has made a difference in the way I felt.


I was packed up and on the water at 6:30. It was an absolutely beautiful sunny morning. Slight breeze but with the river running 4/5 miles an hour a slight breeze one does not notice.


KC was not far behind me. We have agreed that since I am an early riser and get right with it, I will go ahead and go, he catches up or he stops where I have stopped for the day. We have also agreed to do an average of 40 miles a day on the average. He fishes a little bit, but does nothing else at night. So, he doesn’t like stopping early. I on the other hand have this journal, a book I am reading and 6 more, the book to finish writing, a drone to learn how to fly and a dog to play with and take for a walk. I am a busy guy.

I stopped and flew the drone twice. It doesn’t want to work on the platform I built. I thinly it is a combination of the copper pipe for the frame, and or the solar charger, battery and inverter. I am going to play with this evening and try to figure it out. It works fine away and off the kayak.


I also caught a nice Grayling but released it, didn’t want to drag it for 20 miles.


We arrived at our camp ground at about 3:30, along with a guy from France who lives in Reno, NV and is a retired Pastry Chef. He has come up here quite often. He is also a bike idea and has his bike in his canoe. There are also a father and son from Holland and 2 more couples just showed up. Lots of people on the river.

The Yukon Quest starts tomorrow so there will be hundreds and hundreds of racers on the river, starting at Whitehorse to Dawson City. I believe it is one of the longest canoe/kayak races to participate in, in the world. They in fact come from all over the world.


Another good place to camp tonight, someone does a good job of keeping these public campgrounds clean and stocked with wood and the outhouses clean.

So far this is nothing like I imagined. Day 5, so we shall see if I think the same on day 50.

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