Yukon June 28

June 28, Wednesday Day 6 On River – Where we camped last night once again there were tables and outhouses. Something I never expected. Spending the night also were the father and son from Holland, the retired pastry chef from Reno/France, two Canadians couples who paddled the Teslin River that comes into the Yukon at this place. 3 more canoes went by with 5 guys who also paddled the Teslin.


I got a good night’s sleep. I have eaten good, will once again try to catch some fish when I am done getting caught up.


I left at 6:45 and paddled 43 miles arriving at 1:30. That is an average of 6 miles an hour. We compromised last night, KC wants to do 50 miles, I am happy with the 30.


But 40 or more miles is easy on this river especially if you get up and get going. I am beginning to question if KC is going to last with me. Guys who have smoked a lot of dope all their lives are a little goofy.


There are plenty of places to camp. The only animal’s I have seen was a Dali Sheep on the lake, some beaver and bald eagles.

Posted by: Dave Scott on Category: Yukon