Yukon June 29

June 29, Thursday 7 On Water – There are no shortage of good places to camp and they have all been used extensively. Last night was no exception. I went to bed about 8. 1 don’t go right to sleep but it doesn’t take long despite it not getting dark. I was awakened at 3 by the 1st paddlers of the Yukon Quest. I never really went back to sleep so I got up at 4 and on the water at 5. Lots of the race participants all day, I arrived at the 50-mile predetermined camp spot on an Island at 1:00. One hopes that camping on an Island means no bears or porcupines. Stormy was up most the night chasing squirrels, mice and rabbits. She caught a baby rabbit, I probably will never break her of that. She kills rats down on the lake often.


This getting on the water early and making the miles for the day by 1 or 2 is great. It is barely 3 and I have camp set up, kayak cleaned out and cleaned up, went thru all the gear again and consolidated. Got clothes ready to wash tomorrow morning in Carmacks and a grocery list and a few odds and ends. I have also practiced flying the drone. Have no idea what is available but will know by 10, we should be there by 8 or at least I will, it is only 5 miles an hour’s paddle.


When it comes to the drone. I don’t think the solar charge and battery storage put out enough Amps to charge the Drone batteries. Also, my idea of flying it off the kayak won’t work because I think the Titanium frame creates a magnetic field/metal interference. It works great on the sand bars away from the kayak. I am also hoping there is a library or Wi-fi spot so I can get some things accomplished and communicate some. I didn’t realize how much I would miss doing so.


One of the many all women participants in the Yukon Quest race of 450 miles.

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