La Parguera Puerto Rico Journal April to end June 2014


3-30 TO 4-8

MON 3-30…Cameron dropped me off at 6:30AM at the Redmond airport for the one way flight to San Juan Puerto, Rico. Quick layover in LA, then on to Miami. Arrive around 8PM and have a 10 Hr. plus or minus lay over in Miami, will not leave the airport to get a room, just not enough time, so will spend the night in the airport.

TUES 3-31…Very long night in the airport. Very cold, the air conditioners were really pumping out very cold air. I slept on the floor. There were very few people in the airport. Flight left on time. Arrived in San Juan approximately 9:10AM. Chrissie has a friend from Hermiston named Lindsay who married into a Puerto Rican family and they just moved back to the Island. Carlos, her husband I believe works for Ricky Martin the singer. He made arrangements for a guy named Christian to pick me up and take me to La Parguera. He was there waiting for me. Unfortunately Christian did not speak any English nor did his wife who was with him. I have him $100 for gas and another $100 when we got there. He took me to Gina and John’s Boats. Gina had the key for the place that I “thought” I would be staying in.

Unfortunately the house/situation just wouldn’t work for me, for a variety of reasons. Gina took me to a friend of hers who has a little Guest House/Hotel and fortunately, in spite of the fact the Easter Weekend is the busiest weekend in La Parguera, she had one room available for $50 a night and I took it. It was easily within walking distance to down town.

WENS 4-1…I got fairly good night’s sleep. Here there are little eating places and bars all over the place. There is a bar right next door to the hotel and it closes at 11PM on weeknights and 2AM on weekends. Not the quietest place. Lots of dogs and of course there are chickens and roosters all over the place. One is not going to have trouble getting up early in the mornings. I walked all over the town and met a few people. One in particularly named Freddie, speaks good English and worked on the little Island here that has the Research Center on it. He was the Maintenance Foreman for 28 years and retired from there.

…..I went back to Freddie early Thurs AM and asked Freddie if he would drive me around, to help me get familiar with the layout of the town and surrounding area and look for a place to rent. He said he would and would pick me up at 10 that morning up at the Hotel. Freddie took me all around and even took me over to a place called Combate, which is another small beach/fishing community. With it being Easter Weekend both La Parguera and Combate were packed with people, so I am not getting the better of first impressions. However, he also took me up to on the side hill, looking out over La Parguera and showed me a very nice 6 unit apartment building that was surprising appealing. I called the owner, a Doc Pedro Ruiz and he made plans to meet me there Friday about 9AM. I have obviously been going out for dinner and to eat, not cheap by any means, but if one will stay out of town and hit the little food places that are all over, it is not that spendy to eat. Linda who owns the hotel gave me a Fish Lausanne and fresh bread for dinner tonight and it was delicious.

FRI 4-3….I was at the apartment/the Doc’s at 9:00AM. He showed me the place. He does not rent the apartments out long term, because he doesn’t want to be bothered. He lives in one of them on the 3rd floor. He does have the other one on the 3rd floor rented out for 6 months, but he says the people never come, he has seen them 1 time. He does however rent them out on the weekends. Only one was rented out for the Easter Weekend. Once we met and spent some time together it turns out:

He is divorced. He lives here because he likes the peace and quiet, hence the reason for not renting the apartments out. It has a great view of the bay. It has a swimming pool and a gym with equipment under the Gazebo next to the pool. Units are completely furnished. The place is very quiet, very clean and even though I was against living in an apartment we agreed for me to rent the place for $700 per month for 6 months. The utilities will be about $100 per month. Since I was alone he figured I wouldn’t be a bother to him, so I took the unit right under his. The building is all concrete, so there is no transmission of noise. It is 2 bedroom, 1 bath, nice size kitchen and living room with a very nice balcony that has a roll up and down shade cover. As you can see, the view is stupendous.

Doc Ruiz took me down to the little grocery store in town and introduced me around and I was able to get a few things for the refrigerator and food.

SAT 4-4…. Doc Ruiz, Tito is his nickname has turned out to be like a mother hen. He is going the extra miles to see that I am comfortable and settling in. He has offered to take me to town today, to get groceries and get a few things for the apartment. He has a nice house on 5 acres in Lajas, which La Parguera is part of. He obviously has some money, he has a brand new $150,000 Porsche sitting in a garage and another one with only 13,000 miles on it also in the garage. He says he doesn’t drive them at all, just likes having them. I bought a few things at Sam’s Club and then some things at K Mart.

SUN 5-5
….Unfortunately, I have gotten sick, felt it coming on last night. It is this upper respitory infection I have never been able to 100% get rid of. Not good. This is the 3rd time.



WENS 4-8….SICK but Tito and I had made plans to go to Lajas to get the contract signed at his Lawyers. Which by the way the attorney was not available. I am getting on to the fact, that one does not get in a hurry here nor can you really make definitive plans. Everything has to be done by an attorney down here. While we were in town I got a PO Box and also got a bank account opened at the main bank in the country. Also loaded up on groceries again, which now has been the 4th time on going to the grocery store. I am adequately stocked up on food now. Tito also bought me a new set of King Sheets; the bedroom has 2 single beds, pushed them together and have been sleeping well. I had him pick me up a fan for the apartment. I do sleep with a wall air conditioner on low at night, not so much to have it cool, but to drown out the dogs barking at night, there are way too many dogs barking, constantly it seems. But I am sensitive to that sort of background noise anyway. The apartment has a TV/Dish but I have turned it on only twice to watch the news, same old thing, I just might unhook it and put it in the closet in the 2nd bedroom.

I have spent some time at the pool, which has always been one of my favorite past times.


4-9 TO 4-16

……I feel better this morning, finally. I bought some Nighttime Nyquil at the store yesterday and I think along with the antibiotics I got the last time I was sick has helped kick this thing. I will take it easy today one more day, then hopefully I can get back on a schedule tomorrow of getting up early, go for a walk, use the gym, then there is the trading and try to find a kayak tomorrow. I am not going to rent one, by the time I rent one for 4 times, I can buy one. Gina and her Dad John own the boat rental place here, not the only one, but the main one, she will know of a kayak I can borrow for now. Gina is very nice, she has helped me a lot. Her dad is dying of cancer, so she moved back from San Juan to take over the business that has been here in La Parguera for a long time. If she doesn’t know of a kayak available, a guy named Anthony and his Dad Gino owns a bar/restaurant here, they are from New York I think and Anthony should also know somebody with a kayak they are not using. I think they have been here 28 years. He has told me he will do whatever he can to help me.

I am fast getting the impression I am a bit of abnormality here, not because of being an American by any means, but it is my age and my health, the shape I am in. Most guys my age don’t make this kind of life style change. Also, the Puerto Rican’s don’t age well. Hard life for most of them. This country is in a huge recession, the economy is in a very steep decline, things are just falling apart.

There is an abundance of things that can keep me busy. I will just have to have the patience to get things together and let it all just happen. There will be kayaking, paddle boarding, boating and fishing, going to the beach, utilizing the pool, walks, working out in the gym, biking (the doc bikes 3 days a week) golfing down the road, obviously sightseeing around the island to include the interior/the rain forest areas. On top of just plain relaxing and reading. Reading is going to be an issue until I can find an outlet for books in English. Wished I would have thought ahead and brought some with me.

Until I can accumulate some more cash, I will not need to buy a rig. I can go to Lajas with the Doc numerous times a week, and can walk to town easily, there is a small Pharmacy and the grocery store is more than adequate. There is a Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Sam’s and everything else imaginable in Lajas or the major town just another 15 miles away.

FRI 4-10…Another long day with this infection I have got. It seems to have dissipated from my head but has settled in my chest. It is not in my lungs, or I would be very worried. I hope tomorrow I start to see some relief. I did spend time at the pool again. I even found the energy to clean the little work out room that is under the Gazebo next to the pool. It has a stationary bike, a treadmill and a lift weight. It is obvious that nobody has used them for quite some time. Got those all cleaned and the room itself clean. I hope the first part of next week I can put them into my daily routine, if not every other day.

Absolutely nobody around today here at the apartment building. It is like I have the entire place to myself and this is turning in to be more than I could have hoped for. Tito did call to make sure I was alright when he got home while I was down town, but he was not here when I got back. I did walk down town to get some more juice, Nyquil and to seek Gena and Anthony out concerning books and kayaks. Gena said she will put a box of books together for me. Anthony was drunk, said he would get me some books, but never did. He did manage to introduce me to a guy named Shane, a Vet who has been here for 3 years. He said he has a double/2 single kayaks I can use anytime I want. He also has several sets of snorkeling gear that I can take a set and use. He has gotten heavy, drinks too much beer and has bad knees so he doesn’t use any of that stuff at all. Probably just end up giving him a few bucks for the double kayak and the snorkeling gear, or it wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t just give the stuff to me.

I go to bed early and have been sleeping very well, but wake up very early, which is good, because come Monday I am going to get up and start to view the market and see if I can’t make some headway. After all, it is one of the reasons I came here. The 3 hours difference is a big deal.

Quick story. While I was down seeing Gena, I was standing there talking to her and a couple of the local “boys” who work for her, a Morning Dove came and landed on my Left Hand that I had up on a piece of wood attached to their little “Boat House”. I showed no surprise at all and this Dove set there and talked to me and let me rub its throat. They were all in shock. Each and every one of them said it was a “good sign”. I think it was good for me for them to see that. It won’t take every one here locally to catch on that I am different. The fact that I am the age I am, in the shape I am, don’t drink, a vet, and will be as active as I plan on being, it won’t take me long to integrate and be respected.

I need to figure out how to get somehow involved locally from a positive stand point, but not have to make any kind of commitment. I know this community could sure use some “civic pride”. A lot of garbage laying around, no good reason for it.

I also have the name and phone number of a guy whose name is Manuel/nick name “7” for the Seven Seas who will take me fishing and teach me the ins and outs of that.

SAT 4-11….Tito and I went Lajas early about 7:30 to meet with his attorney to get the 6 month lease signed. Everything done down here remotely business wise is done by an attorney. Once that was done, he accepted the 1st month’s rent, wouldn’t take it until the paperwork was done. He did however take 1 months deposit the first day.

He showed me a building he owns, where his office is. We stopped and got a subway sandwich. He eats pretty much like I do, we are alike in a lot of ways, and guess that is why we hit it off and we get along so well. Looks like I will pretty much take care of the pool, since I am the only one back there using it. He never does use it.

This infection is still driving me slowly crazy. It is in my breath way in my chest. It is not in my lungs, I can get a full set of air in the lungs. Weird situation, but I know I can’t wait for it to disappear. The rest of Saturday was spent at the pool, I did go down and get some books from Gina, some good ones actually. I also went by and looked at the Kayak Shane is going to let me use.

SUN 4-12…Not much today. I didn’t go to town. I try to walk down town at the end of at least every other day, get what I need, even if it is a couple of fresh bananas. I did put a bouquet together of flowers from around the pool.

4-13 MON….. Another tough day at the pool, try to do a Smoothie at least once a day. Because of the weather one has a tendency to not eat a lot. So try to do cereal for breakfast, (although I have had ham/eggs/hash browns a couple of times), then something simple for dinner. Last night was a small half of small ribs/2 small corn on the cob and a small Cesare, with cold milk. I drink a lot of juice. Tonight will just be some lettuce, sliced tomatoes and fresh piece of pineapple.

Cam I hope is sending a guy in Portland money today, who is going to ship me a “cart” for the kayak, hope to get it within 2 weeks, then I can go out on the water. I found a place today right at the bottom of the hill I can put it. I don’t think it will be too difficult for me to bring it back up the hill to the apartment compound where it will be safe because it is all in a locked gate system.

4-14 TUES
…I am really struggling with this infection. I have to be careful when I cough, or try to cough, it is so difficult it makes me dizzy. Tito has caught it also, which makes me think it is contagious, for what other reason would he have gotten it? We did spend quite a bit of time together in his small Mazda truck the first week, him helping me get things squared away.

There is also some anxiety, quite a bit actually, do not know if it is depression or what. I am spending way too much time dwelling on the past in a negative way and worrying about the future, which obviously none of us have any control over. It is a common trait as we get older to do so. In fact I believe it is probably one of the biggest emotional/physical health factors in a negative way one can deal with. I get angry at just knowing I am getting older. It is frustrating and I am sure I am not alone in feeling this way. It probably also doesn’t help that I have isolated myself to a certain degree, but I don’t see to many other guys around who have made this sort of move and this move is going to be a healthy one and a good one.

I am also not accepting this situation with Debbie. It is becoming a burden I can’t shake and it is not healthy in any way.

One thing I have going for me, is short of the prostrate situation I am very healthy and am going to stay active one way or the other. Once I get the cart for the Kayak that is going to help. Cam did confirm he sent the money to the guy in 

Portland on Monday. I am also going to find a small fishing boat. There are literally scores of boats sitting around nobody is using/w motors and nobody probably ever well. Sooner than later.

4-15 WENS……Tax day and have made several attempts to reach Giancarlo there in Bend on the LLC final filing and the personal 2014. He/his office is not very good at communicating. Hope he has remembered to file an extension. Just another pool day, which so far is not creating a lot of stress for me. With me not being well anywhere close to 100% it is just as well I am taking it easy. I did go for a long walk this morning early a good 4/5 miles. Also walked to town this afternoon late and got a haircut and got a few things from the grocery store. Heard from Cam today, he was checking on me. Had a good dinner and believe I am feeling better, tomorrow morning should be the beginning I hope.

4-16 THUR….I had to go to the Doc today/had Tito take me. Cost money I really don’t have. Have no idea if it is going to do any good or not, got another prescription and of course had to pay the Doc. Tough in so many ways. When I got back, I did go get the Kayak, since now the cart’s arrival date is 5/1, which is almost 2 ½ weeks to get here from Portland, OR. Hard to believe. I found a place to lock it up, store it at the closest boat dock, guy and his son run it, so that helps. I hope Tito can take me to Wal Mart tomorrow night so I can get a list of things to be able to use the kayak safely and stay out overnight. Haven’t heard from Giancarlo on the taxes so have to assume he in fact did file extensions.


4-17 FRI TO 4-26 SUN

4-17 FRI
…..First day I have felt better all day. Went out in the kayak for the 1st time for about 4 hours early this morning, as you can see the pictures are beautiful. It will take me several trips out to find a spot on one of the Islands to camp for a night or two or I might have to go up or down the coast. Notice the rocks in front of the kayak, to balance the boat out, makes a huge difference in the waves.

Tito took me to Wal Mart which is about 14 miles away, but believe it or not takes almost 50 minutes to get there. Big mall, with almost every kind of store imaginable. I had a list of things I wanted to get for the kayak, make things safer and of course every single thing I bought I have 2 or 3 of back in the Class B or the tool van or in Cam’s garage with the camping/kayaking/rafting gear.

We left about 5:00 and didn’t get back until about 8:00 which is right at my bed time.

4-18 SAT….2nd Day out with the Kayak. Windy this morning much more so than yesterday morning. I kayaked for about 4 hours.

4-19 SUN
……Went for a long walk this morning. Spent the afternoon at the pool, which is not difficult for me to do. Walked down town and got a few things. Just about out of groceries, come Tuesday it will be a full 2 weeks since Tito took me to town, got the bank account open, PO Box and bought groceries at a good size grocery store. Perhaps Wens he will be making a t rip to town and can get to the grocery store.

4-20 MON
….A very quiet day to day. Between the kayak on Saturday, the walk on Sunday and still cooperating from the infection in my chest, I was worn out today. Spent only about 3 hours at the pool, read a little bit, just relaxed. I plan on a good kayak early in the morning. Will take a chair I bought along with a book and go out on one of the islands and spend the day.

4-21 TUES….
I am up early, almost every day. . This morning I was up early and went out at about 7 and got on the water in the kayak. I spent a couple of hours on an Island sitting in the chair watching the waves and the birds. Then headed up North and didn’t get back, paddling along the docks of La Parguera until 1:00. The wind came up again and I had to paddle against the wind and it wore me out. Plus I got sunburned on my legs for the 1st time, in spite of having plenty of sun since being here. I did put on some sun block, but evidently not enough. I will go to bed early tonight.

4-22 WENS
….Tito offered this morning to take me to town. It has been since last Thursday when we went to Wal Mart. And it has been exactly 2 weeks since going to the grocery store and stocking up for the 1st time. I have walked down town and bought a few things, but can’t get near what I need for 2 weeks at that little grocery store. I appreciate him doing this for me. He enjoys it, likes someone to talk to, even though he is on his phone all the time, going and coming all the time. I also wanted to check the PO Box to see if the “new” debit card had shown up from the new bank account.

No card at the PO Box. Got groceries, things are just about 20% more expensive here, it will cost me $600 a month for food, but I eat well, always have. I don’t go out and eat at all. I didn’t do much today, worn out from the kayaking yesterday. Plus I needed to stay out of the sun. No reason to get in a hurry anyway, I am trying to just get in the “retired”, “Caribbean” rhythm. It is not easy for me to do, regardless if I am getting and feeling older. But for right now if I am going to “have” to do it, this is as good as place as any.

4-23 THURS.....Another long kayak trip today. I went down the shore line, through the Mangroves towards Rincon. I found a couple of small beaches that are along the shore line that will be perfect to go spend a night on. Might go Saturday afternoon and return about noon Sunday.

4-24 FRI….Another day I didn’t do much. I did however go down to a little laundromat that is in an RV park down around the corner and washed my clothes, what few there were for the 1st time. I need to realize I don’t have to be doing something all the time. But this isn’t going to be that easy on me. Sometimes I wish I could find another Superintending job just so I could stay busy, but that isn’t going to happen. Nobody wants an old man around, I am finding that out.

4-25 SAT
….I got up early again, well before 5 and went for a long walk. I walk down the shore line, through a little park right on the beach, a trail heads up and over the hill along the shore line, and to the little fishing village where that first house was I found on line. I walk through town, then back to the main road into La Parguera and then up the hill back to the apartment. It is about 4/5 miles at least. Then I had a good breakfast, one egg, one hash brown, one Italian sausage, cold juice and toast with Jam. Then went down and kayaked for a good 3 hours. Had a light lunch and then went down to the pool for a couple of hours. Sounds rough don’t it, but not easy to just do nothing/not be productive, but I guess that is what being retired is supposed to be all about. Lot of people have it a lot rougher than I do, that is for sure.

I have started reading again, the books that Jenna gave me are a variety of subjects, but so far all but one are readable to me. It gets dark fairly early, one would think it would be up wards of 10:00 but that is not so. It is dark by 7:30/8:00 and that seems to be the time I go to bed, and lately I have been falling asleep fairly soon.

4-26 SUN….Went for a hike up to the top of a hill here in back of the apartment building. There is an abandoned house up on top that at one time was quite nice. Walked down town and got a few things from the grocery story. Said hi to Shane (guy I got the kayak from) and another guy who are always sitting in the bar drinking beer. Came home and read awhile.


4-27 MON TO 5-1 FRI

4-27 MON
….This picture above is why “they” come to La Parguera. They come on the weekends, not so much to stay, but it is a day drive for a lot of them, even from San Juan. The Puerto Ricans love their cars and this is a “drive destination” to see this view. They park here on top of the hill, which is just up from the Apartment Building. They come by the hundreds every week end.

It is unbelievable how much trash there is, where they stop, look and take pictures of the view. It is easy for them to get here, they don’t have to go thru town, as they get to the entrance to town, they can take a left and just come up to the top of the hill. Then they continue around and go down thru town and then head out on the rest of their day trip. There is only one way in and one way out of La Parguera.

When I go for my walk, I have to walk by all of this garbage so today I decided I was going to clean it all up; it will take me a good week. I will go get a couple of garbage cans, they are all over the place on the sidewalks and see if I can’t get these people trained.

I made a list of all the pluses, the good things about being here this morning. . I am comfortable in the Apartment, which surprises me. Great view, perfect weather, clean, everything I need, safe, can walk to town, several locals have been very good to me, especially Tito (the owner), I have to pool all to myself (I help maintain it), have the kayak and the cart coming, snorkeling gear, adequate clothes, adequate shoes, I eat good, sleep well, everyone is nice to me, have enough $ coming in monthly, have enough cash, nobody bothers me, have internet, nobody is in the building but me (Tito lives here but he is always gone), the laptop I brought works excellent, have books to read (will have to get more), feel healthy finally, no dishwasher to listen to, no washing machine or dryer to listen to, refrigerator is quiet, no traffic of any kind I can hear, the birds are singing all the time, rooster/chickens crowing early in the AM, gotten use to the dogs barking at times, no TV (I have turned it on twice for 2 minutes), great place to go for walks, the kayaking is as good as it gets, looks like Tito will take me every 2nd Wens, doesn’t work on Wens’s to the grocery store, the little grocery store here in La Parguera has whatever one needs to get by. Right now I cannot think of one negative, so I guess I am having a good day.


4-28 TUES…..It has been the first day that it has been overcast for most of the day, but still in low 90’s and of course the humidity. The humidity could be worse. If I am not going for a walk, like I did today, I am kayaking, or reading, or listening to music (I like Jango/Ernesto Cortazar, if any of you want some of the best piano music you will ever hear you should go listen, it is an online Radio Station), or walking to town to get a few things, or picking up garbage (which I enjoy, good exercise) or exercising on the stationary bicycle and weight machine, or sitting in the sun at the pool or planning on planning to do something, like the long river trip down the Yellowstone, down the Missouri, down the Mississippi to the Gulf. I also on a daily basis add to my bi-weekly grocery shopping list. So in reality, the worst time of the day for me is between 5 and 7/8, which has always been the worst time of the day for me. Working or not working, on the river, hiking, makes no difference, it is the worst time for me to keep busy.

I am also “advertising” myself on a couple of sites that seek out “crew members” for sailing boats and yachts. It is amazing just how many opportunities there are for “participating” on a boat/yacht. I am being specific and only seeking out an opportunity in the Caribbean. There are always a few boats in the Puerto Rico area looking for “a crew member inexperienced” to help watch/keep the boat organized/companionship. A lot of the “captains” are older/retired/single guys “living out their dream” and some of them have been doing so for years. If the right opportunity came along I would take off for 2 to 4 weeks, probably no more. Then have to fly back from where ever we/I ended up. It is that “new view” thing that keeps me going, that has made me look into being a crew member.



4-29 WENS…I have always been a “self-directed” individual”, that is what has made it easy for me to do the things I have done and will continue to do. As I look back on what I remember of my Dad growing up he was that way. I have just never been on to sit down and watch life go by. The wind blew today quite good, but I still went out and kayaked for an hour or so, had to stay within the little bay that I have the kayak stored at underneath a building right on the water. Then I came back up, went up and picked up some more garbage, which it will take a couple more times to accomplish what I set out to do.

Then I walked to town and got a few things. I finished the day up at the pool. Light dinner and to bed at my usual time of around 8.

4-30 THURS……Went for my usual walk this morning. To windy once again to go kayaking. I also washed my sheets by hand and what few shirts/socks I had since washing at the little laundromat. Things dry so quickly that no more clothes than I wear this seems to be the easiest way to keep things fresh and clean. There is a big tub in a closet in the kitchen/next to where a stack washer and dryer could be installed.

Here are some more pictures of the walk I take.

Tomorrow will go in to Lajas with Tito about 7:30. Need to go to the PO Box and Post Office, the Bank then see if I can’t find a few things, then will just wander around until about 10:45 and be at the grocery store and buy grocers and Tito will pick me up there and bring me back on his lunch hour. It will be the 1st time we/he has taken me to town and brought me back on his lunch hour.

5-1 FRI….Tito and I left the building for Lajas about 6:30AM, he wanted to go to church. So we made arrangements for him to pick me up at the grocery store at 11:30, which is when he takes his lunch break from the Dentist office. I thought I was going to have just sit around most of the time. But by the time I walked a ways and found a Pharmacy and got a few things, then walked all the back to the PO, then back to the Bank to take care of some things (the bank alone took 2 hours), then back to the PO, then to the grocery store at 10:30 and I only had to wait for Tito for about 10 minutes. It worked out perfectly. I did not enjoy going to town at all. I had enough groceries left and bought enough, I hope I can last for 3 weeks. I will have to walk down town and get a few things, but that is what makes this work, grocery wise.

Not having a vehicle is now starting to make sense. As long as Tito will continue to be gracious and help me out when I need to, he goes to town every day, some days 2/3 times a day. He is always on the go. It is nice just not having to deal with all of the aspects of having one. I do believe when the time is right I am going to buy a little scoter. There are places it wouldn’t work because of the amount of traffic, but here in La Parguera and even the 8 miles or so to Lajas, it would work very well.

I am going to leave, I think, real early, about day break in the Kayak and paddle S along the shore for a good 2/3 miles then cut out into the ocean and go to the farthest Island I can see, to see if there is any place there to camp for the night. If not, I will paddle clear across the bay to the N. side of the bay where I was last week, I know there are 2 different sandy beaches/grass areas I can camp there.

Going to town wore me out, so I spent the afternoon at the pool. I was going to finish picking up the garbage, but I can do that first of the week.


5-2 TO 5-8

5-2 SAT….Got up early, got things ready to go spend the night on an Island, had no idea which one. It took 2 trips down and back up the hill to the Kayak, with the Ice Chest, the seat I had an idea I could make to make it much more comfortable, the bag with the tent, pad, blanket and pillow and the chair.

I didn’t leave until about 8:00 which was a good hour later than I wanted to.

The seat worked perfectly. Put a board in the back of the cover for a chair out on the pool deck, put the back brace from the boat in the back and strapped it down. If it weren’t for the 2 large rocks I have in the front of the boat, the bag would sit a lot lower.

By leaving an hour later than I wanted to, the wind came up and I did not make it down the coast as far as I wanted to, before cutting out to sea to get to the Island I wanted to go to. So I did not arrive there until about 11:00. I traversed through the swells and it worked well, just difficult to paddle against the wind.

Almost there.

Couldn’t be a more perfect place.

I just sat in the sun and in the shade all day, finished a book, talked to a guy whose goes to University in San Juan, his parents own a little business next to Gena and John’s Boats had been in their shop several times. He told me he knows of no one that has Kayaked that far out, he was shocked to see me.

I would have no problem staying here for a week. As a lot of you know, I have put a tent up in a lot of different venues, a lot. But this is one of the most serene, pleasant, sounds of the ocean and obviously absolutely no one to interfere with the beauty of it.

My Sunday morning breakfast view.

5-3 SUN…..I got up early and got things packed up, had breakfast of cereal/yogurt/fresh pineapple and headed back. Got back to where I store the kayak about 9:00, made the 2 trips back and forth up the hill with the stuff. Then went down town and had a good breakfast and returned the books back to Jena she had let me read. She is going to get me another bag full.

I will definitely go back to that Island. Brian, the boy I met told me there was another good one, North of the one I was on, that is also a good one to camp on.

5-4 MON….After the amount of paddling I did Sat and Sun morning, I was tired when I got up early. So made plans to hand wash a few clothes, which I am finding out is the easiest way to keep my few clothes I wear clean, and finish picking up the garbage on the “hill”. Got with that about 8:30 and was done by 10:30 and hit the pool.

Finally saw notice on the USPS Tracking Site that the package/the kayak cart sent from Portland had arrived in PR. Well over 2 weeks to get here, probably won’t get to the PO where my box is until Wens I am assuming.

I have mentioned that there is a tread mill, a stationary bike and a weight machine under the Cabana at the pool, here is a picture of them and one of the view.

Also did another flower arrangement from around the pool.

5-5 TUES…..Didn’t do much today, heard from Lavonne, she sent me this picture of her and Chrissi on Lavonne’s 35th birthday last weekend in San Diego.

5-6 WENS…Tito took me into town today so I could pick up the box/kayak cart sent from Portland that Cam helped me with. Then we went to K-Mart so I could get a pair of tennis shoes, a new good/safe life jacket and a few other things. Spent the rest of the day at the pool.

5-7 THURS….Went for my long walk this morning, met a guy who was working on a boat over in the next bay and he had a truck full of tools. He is going to come to the apartment and help me fix a permanent seat for the kayak and a foot brace that is more comfortable. Then went and got the kayak and put it on the cart and pulled it up the hill to the apartment. So,, with him coming on Sat afternoon, I won’t be going out to the Island and spend Sat night. I will get up early and go down and spend the morning kayaking around the bay since it has been a week being out on the water.



5-8 TO 5-17

5-8 FRI
….Up early as usual and went for a long walk around town, on the other side up on a hill where there are some very nice houses. Some of them have to be well over $1M. Then back, tidied up the apartment and sent a couple of hours at the pool. I am going to have to find some books.

5-9 SAT…left the apartment at 6:00AM and was on the water by 6:15. Paddled as far South as I could before the wind came up, then headed back and just went along the shore line. Got back to the apartment at 10:00 so that was a good amount of time spent in the kayak. Washed the few clothes once again by hand, that is so much easier than going down to that old laundromat.

The guy I met on Thursday who was going to come and help me make by chair for the kayak let me know he couldn’t come until next week one day. So I took a nap, 1st time I have done that since getting here and then spent a couple of hours at the pool. I also at least once a day spend time on the stationary bike and the weight machine. Struggled a little bit this afternoon to stay busy. I have completely gotten over than chest infection and I feel good and I have a lot of energy. I need to get on to the fishing, even if it is now out of the Kayak so that can add another thing to do.

5-10 SUN…Left for my walk at 6:00, then instead of coming back to the apartment walked down town and waited to have breakfast at Gino’s and Anthony’s. I had breakfast there last Sunday, it was good and met some other Americans. I didn’t interact to much, because as I mentioned there were 3 women yakking and yakking and yakking and one guy. However, this time I wanted to get some books. One of them had me go to her house, just up the road and she gave me a good 6 books. Her husband is going in for a back operation on Tuesday, he is laid up. She is one of the people that takes in stray dogs and cats, which is never ending here and her house was full of cats and one large German Shepard. Smelt like it too, too bad because it was a nice older home, but not for me. It is right in the middle of town and houses all around.

Got back about 12:00, relaxed, then cleaned the pool good and spent the rest of the day at the pool and finished the day out reading.

5-11 MON…. Rather uneventful day. Did go for a long walk up in the nice part of town. Read a book for a while. Had a nice dinner of fish, rice, cold sliced tomatoes and a cold glass of milk.

5-12 TUES…..Long walk again today around the back side of the hill. Washed a few clothes. They obviously dry fast. It has been cloudy and windy so not able to kayak, just way too much work. Spent some time at the pool, I do not get tired of that. My Dermatologist is going to have a fit. Guy hasn’t got a hold of me on helping with the kayak seat. Hope he does.

5-13 WENS…..Did my walk again early, then headed down town to take care of the balance on the Kayak, decided to buy it, think I mentioned that. Ran into Gena, she had a few more books for me.

I thought my SS Direct Deposit was going in the Bend account, but the change took, so it went into the PR account. Since I hadn’t received my Debit Card yet, I had to go to town with Tito today, Wens, his day off, and it was at the PO Box. So I got that activated, two monthly obligations paid and drive around with him. He certainly has got some quirkiness about him. I just don’t understand why a guy would have the money invested in all of the expensive cars he has. Just doesn’t make any sense from any angle at all. He told me he has lived in the apartment alone, for 19 years. He hasn’t lived in the big house he has in Lajas for that long, nor has anybody else. Strange. But we are all different. I am

Baby Donkey I see on my walk

trying to find a Hammock Frame, buying a Hammock is no problem; they are for sale along the road all over the place. I have tried to get Amazon and Home Depot both to ship to the PO Box or the Apartment Street address and neither will. It is real breezy and cool on the little deck on the side of the apartment that has doors going out to on out of both of the bedrooms. I spend a lot of time out there in the afternoons, 20 degrees cooler all the time, no sun lots of breeze coming thru the buildings.

Front of the Apartment Building

5-14 THUR….Another uneventful day. Cleaned the apartment and organized things. I am tired from going to town and walking 3 days in a row, plus going down town at least 2 of those days. My feet bother me something terrible. The landscaper was here again today, so had to wait for him to get finished before going down to the pool. Didn’t do much today. Hope to be able to go kayaking early Sat morning, might even decide to go back out to the Island until Sun mid AM.

5-15 FRI….Went into town early with Tito, he always goes to Church Friday mornings, then to his office. He gave me 45 minutes to buy groceries, which by now knowing where everything is in the Grocery Store, I was pushing the cart out of the door when he drove up. It had been exactly been 2 weeks since going to the store. I had a good list this time and going to see if I can last 3 weeks with just getting a few things at the little grocery store in Parguera.

Once I got the food put away I pushed/pulled the kayak down and went out for a couple of hours. By now the wind had picked up so just stayed in the bay. Then back, cleaned the pool and spent some time. Then got everything ready to leave early and spend the weekend out kayaking and camp out Sat. night.

5-16/17 SAT/SUN…Left at 6:00AM just as the Sun was coming up. No wind and it made it easy to get up the coast to the next town, don’t know what the name of it was. I saw a nice beach on the way up, which was not an Island this time, but it looked nice. I set up by 1:00 and read and just relaxed. There was absolutely no wind, not even a breeze which is the first time I have seen that happen. The “no seeums” were absolutely horrific. Luckily I had the tent. Even then a few got in thru the webbing.

I left about 6:00AM to get off the beach and away from the bugs. Got back to the apartment about 10:00, got things put away, had a good breakfast, hand washed a few clothes, then went down cleaned the pool and spent about an hour.

Decided to take a nap and woke up to thunder and a good rain, which is needed, it has not rained for weeks. La Parguera is a dry part of the Island.


La Parguera Puerto Rico Journal

6-9 TUES…. I got behind on the Journal, the days just kind of have run together, my routine is so set in stone. I really haven’t done much different except probably become more active. Yesterday I exercised; spent time on the stationary bike, on the weight machine, then did my 4 mile walk, spent the rest of the day at the pool and laying on the hammock.

I also get up at 1:40AM, to catch the European Market, sometimes go back to bed from about 4 to 6, and then catch the New York Market at 8 to 10/11. I am really hoping for positive results this time around. Go to bed about 7. It seems to work as long as I don’t break the routine.

Today I have kayaked, about ready to exercise, get on the bike and the weight machine and then spend the rest of the day at the pool.

I think since things are just kind of the same, but varied from day to day on whether I walk, or kayak or go to town with Tito I am going to do the Journal every two weeks and see if there is enough to make it worth it. The Journals are also on my website

Lots of these around.

View at night off of the balcony looking out over La Parguera

Last weekend, took 5/6 hrs to paddle to this Island, the wind was really blowing, left at 5:00AM Sat.

Picked a spot where the wind was blowing thru, the black bugs were terrible, and the breeze was nice.

Sun setting