Yellowstone River to the Mississippi River 2016

This trip lasted 86 days and plus or minus 3000 miles...

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Missouri River Journal 21  HERMANN, MO JUNE 18 WHERE I HAD TO STOP MY TRIP….GOT SICKJUNE 17 FRIDAY DAY 53 ON THE WATER - I have kept hearing about a place called “The Chain Of Rocks” a couple of miles down the Mississippi from the Confluence before you get to St. Louis. After doing some research on the internet I called Mike of Big Muddy Adventurers to ask some advice there in St Louis about 7 this morning. He told me Robbin Kalthoff had already called him. Once we [...]

 Missouri River Journal 22 CONTINUING ON FROM HERMANN, MO WHERE I GOT SICKFRIDAY OCT 14, DAY 55 ON THE WATER – To bring this up to date. I left Havasu Landing on Thursday Oct 6. It was close to 1600 miles driving to get to Hermann, MO arriving Sunday about 1. Kenny Black who owns the bait shop and who helped me out when I had got sick met me and let me store my gear in his basement of the bait shop right at the dock. I had previously put Stormie in a dog kennel for the drive [...]

Mississippi River Journal 23FRIDAY OCTOBER 21 DAY 62 ON THE WATER – As I hoped the wind blew the storm out and we got up to another bright and windless day. It is unbelievable to me that the weather is absolutely perfect for this trip so far. I am seeing a few bald eagles. Lots of deer tracks on the bank but seldom see any along the bank. If a guy got up real early he would probably see them. There is a tremendous amount of wildlife habitat behind the bank of the river. I am [...]

 Mississippi River Journal 24FRIDAY OCTOBER 28 DAY 67 ON THE WATER – I am a couple days behind on doing this journal. On Friday I stopped in Caruthersville, MO and got stocked up again. I had missed the boat ramp and tied up down river about 100 yards not knowing yet where I was in relationship to the town. You can never tell because you are below the dikes. After asking a few people where the grocery store was I ended up walking to the Wal Mart about a mile and half. [...]

 Mississippi River Journal 25WENDS NOV 2 DAY 72 ON THE WATER – It is not easy to wait a couple of weeks and try to do a journal, get caught up on it, but I will do the best I can. We had a good night’s sleep last night. It helps to be away from the river traffic. Stormy is up half the night chasing animals. She has gotten enamored with the beavers. She can sit with her butt in the tent and her head out the door and she watches for them to swim by. No matter how dark it [...]

 Mississippi River Journal 26THURS NOV 10 DAY 80 ON THE WATER – After getting stocked up good with Hunt helping me we are on our way to Baton Rouge 200 miles, 6 days no way to change that.In spite of not having the camp set up except for the tent I slept fairly good. Because of the time of year there is a tremendous amount of dew. I mean it is like it has rained inside and outside the tent, so you have to pack everything up in the morning wet and damp. Which means you must stop [...]