Yukon River 2017 approximately 1600 miles

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WHITEHORSE, YUKON TO EMMONAK, ALASKAAPPROXIMATELY 2000 MILES#1 JOURNALJune 11– Sunday – Left Bend about 10AM I just couldn’t take it any longer. Stayed up on the pass on the way to Salem at the Forest Service campground at Lost Lake. Been by it 100 times but never pulled in.June 12 – Monday – Went by Jeff and Jeans to go to breakfast with them. Got to see Amy. They both are doing very well. Then on to Skip Fisher’s place in Sheridan.June 13 [...]

#2 JOURNAL JUNE 23 TO JUNE 30JUNE 23, Friday Day 1 - On River, I got up and started packing up, no way was I going spend another day in the camp ground. A group of 9 people, 3 guys and 6 girls from all over the United States were also packing up and getting ready to launch. One guy from Colorado had organized the trip and the all connected off the internet. The have 4 canoes and 1 small kayak without a rudder. Only 2 of them have ever been in a canoe. The guy who organized the trip has [...]

#3 JOURNAL JUNE 30 TO JULY 5June 30 – Friday – Day 8 On Water – As I mentioned in the last Journal on Thursday I arrived at the camp at 1. KC and the Pastry Chef arrived at 5. The Chef got knocked out of his canoe about 3 and he was freezing. He got too close to shore, was watching some of the racers and a “Sweeper” a tree hanging out over the water close to the water knocked him backwards out of the canoe. A couple guys helped him get his canoe and back [...]

 #4 JOURNAL - JULY 5 TO 12 July 5, Wednesday - Day 13 On Water – I sent out the 3rd Journal on Wens afternoon from the visitor’s center in Dawson. It took me all day to wash clothes, take a shower, give Stormy a bath in the river, buy groceries and a few things, have a nice steak dinner, baked potatoes and ceasers salad. What killed us was the almost 2-mile round trip walk from where we camped, take the ferry across, walk into town and then walk around. We did it 3 [...]

 #5 JOURNAL - JULY 13th TO 21stJuly 13, Thursday - Day 21 On Water – Another night of camping on an island. Certainly, no problems finding camping spots. Particularly in the Yukon Flats. Stormy and I are both tired. Fort Yukon is 90 miles from Circle. I have a feeling KC and I are going to be having a parting of the ways.1562102497455I ran into a woman, Lisa Fredric and a young guy from Germany. She in a Fobot Kayak which is like mine. He in a canoe, a knock down he brought [...]

#6 JOURNAL - JULY 22nd TO 28th July 22, Saturday – Day 30 on Water – I knew I couldn’t make it to Tanana so decided to stop about 15 miles upriver then get up early as usual and get there about 10 and try to be done by 3. The Norway boys caught up with me, they stop much later and start much later. We paddled alongside each other for a while. As I was trying to find a camp when a boat with 2 guys and 2 young adults stopped and we chatted for a while. Turned out 1 of [...]

#7 JOURNAL - JULY 29th TO AUGUST 5thJuly 29, Saturday – Day 37 on Water – It quit raining about 1:00 in the morning. Fortunately, Stormy can pretty much go all night long without having to go outside. I can’t. So when I get up to go pee, she always takes an advantage of that and goes out real quick. She loves to sleep, so she is in and out and back in the bed. She appears to be sleeping but she is always hearing everything or smelling it. It is uncanny what she hears [...]