I wanted this vehicle for over 20 some years.  Royce Glorioso's friend Steve had it in Fallbrook, CA.  He only used it now and then for the annual Fallbrook parade and various other times he would start it up and drive it around.  It sat outside for years and years and years.  An old fellow who died at the age of 100 had made this 1929 1/2 ton flatbed Chevy into a camper.  After the old man died Steve found it down in a creek and he bought from the widow.

I got in in about 2012.  I didn't start working on it until about 2015.  It has taken me 3 years.  I plan on using it for my kayak/river rafting rig and to market my 2 books as the Point of Sale.  Go to venues, like the Garlic Festival/The Strawberry Festival.  People just flock to it, so attracting potential buyers for my books will never be an issue.  All I have to do is park it someplace and people flock to the vehicle and want to take pictures, see the inside and talk about it.