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SNAKE RIVER DAILY JOURNAL TRIP BEGAN AT THE SOUTH END OF YELLOWSTONE PARK, 2 MILES FURTHER SOUTH AT FLAGG RANCH7-26 SAT LEFT BEND, OR AT 5:00PM…... Left Bend, OR at 5:00 PM after 2 weeks of preparing the trailer/boat/kayak/gear and issues with the Class B MH Van. It had a cracked head gasket. So had a mechanic fix it, put 2 new heads on, new clutch fan, new radiator, complete tune up with new plugs, wires, rotor, rotor cap…etc and it made it the 1st 200 miles on the way to [...]

Week 2

SNAKE RIVER DAILY JOURNAL WEEK 2THURS 8 – 7 TO SUN 8 – 13 SHELLY, ID TO STRIKER RESERVOIR TO WALTER’S LANDING, IDOnce back on the water the next 5 miles got me to Firth, where I knew there was for sure another “diversion” dam. The water/river is very high because of all the rain I am assuming they have had around here and continue to, so it makes these “diversion” areas unpredictable. As I was approaching this area, I could hear the noise of the [...]


SNAKE RIVER JOURNALWALTER’S LANDING TO BROWNLEE RESEVOIR8-14 TO 8-22THURS 8-14……… I figured I would get back to Marsing probably around 3 in the afternoon, actually it was 2:45. Went up and got a pizza and got on the computer. Then went and got some ice and went back to the park where the boat landing was. Relaxed all afternoon. Got the kayak ready and tied it up at the dock. About 7 decided to go ahead and drive on down to Nyssa, I knew where the boat ramp was [...]


SNAKE RIVER DAILY JOURNAL8-22 HELL’S CANYON RESERVOIRHELL’S CANYON PUT IN TO HELLER BAR HELLER BAR TO LEWISTONFRI 8-22…… Got back to the Van at the camp site on the north end of Brownlee Reservoir about 4:00.I spent a couple of hours getting stuff out of the Cataraft and consolidating everything. I have lightened the load/weight in the Cataraft significantly which should make it much easier for me to maneuver and position to go thru the several rapids there are. [...]


SNAKE RIVER JOURNAL8-30 CLARKSTON WA TO 9–3 COLUMBIA RIVER SAT 8-30…. I drove down to the first dam known as Little Goose Lock and Dam. It is about 26 miles plus or minus. I forgot it is Labor Day weekend, so everyone is already or going down to camp for the weekend, the Corps of Engineers has a lot of spots along the N. Side of the “lake” and the County has a very nice park down river from the dam. So I figured I would have a hard time getting a ride. I came back [...]