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The General's Driver - A Vietnam Soldier Remembers

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Eric Ladd, Owner/Editor of Outlaw Magazine, Bozeman, Montana

Dave Scott’s book is a riveting personal journal about life, the power of war and the truths of being human.  The book is a rare firsthand account of what’s it’s like to not only be front line in the Vietnam War but also struggle with life’s troubles and the beauty of owning choices and seeing the potential in change. This book is a great reminder of each person’s struggle to get through life and the impact war has not only the life’s that are lost but the ones who survive and carry on the memories.  

Eric Ladd


I suppose at some time we all consider writing a book on something extraordinary that happened in our lives and upon hearing one’s story, someone is always saying, “You should write a book about that”.  I decided after 50 years to do just that.

This book started out as nothing more than what I was calling a “narrative”.  I believe and hope it has turned out to be a little bit more than that.

 It was written mainly for my children, members of my family and what few friends I have left alive.  There is nothing more at issue here than to give its readers an idea of this soldier’s experiences in Vietnam.

I have not forgotten the men I knew.  The faces I remember; the names on the “Wall”.  I cherish those relationships, those memories both good and bad.  They have stayed with me every minute of every day since I left Vietnam. 

If it wasn’t for the ultimate sacrifice that some of those great men gave, I would not be here today to tell my small part in what an experience it was, to say the least.

May God Bless those men.

I am discounting this book to the price of "$15.00 until I return from my Kayak trip this summer.  An order will be shipped out with in 2 days of receipt of the order.